Friday, July 01, 2011

A Year of Projects

Hello, Readers!

This is my official, yes OFFICIAL, "year of projects" post. If this is a project you wish to participate in, do head on over to the Ravelry Group called "Come Blog-A-Long" and read up/join. I believe you have to be a member of Ravelry to view and join groups, so be sure you do that too (if you aren't a member already).

So the premise of the group is to post your list of projects you plan on completing in the next year (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012). You can do as few or as many as you like, but you should challenge yourself. For me, I want to make sure I have all my Christmas projects included along with some other items I want to complete.

Unfortunately - this list may be one part specific to one part generic simply because I haven't found the perfect pattern for whatever it is I want to do. I don't want to miss out on getting it on my list; however, I know the list is supposed to be specific - for me, I'm going to be as specific as I can at that point in time. I want to account for the project even if I don't have the pattern. I just didn't want to rush myself into a particular pattern for certain items just in case I find a better pattern later on, somewhere else.

So... without further delay - this is the list of projects (with pattern where available) that I want to complete in the next year. I have broken them into 2 categories: Big and Fast.

Easy Cabled Scarf

Filet Market Bag
Joseph Wrap (image from Crochet!)
Lacey Table Runner for kitchen (no pattern yet but I have a couple in mind)
Throw for living room sofa (no pattern selected yet)
Men's Vest (Christmas present)
Round Afghan/Throw (potential Christmas present)
Angel Tree Topper
Joseph Wrap from Crochet! Magazine (as Christmas present)

3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
15 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (as office Christmas presents)
2 sets of Golf Club Covers (no numbers) - (as Christmas presents)

I did go a little easier than I think I could have because I do have one semester of graduate school left. I will be doing 2 classes and an internship this fall so I didn't want to lock myself into 24 good size projects and end up falling face first. I also work full time so I have to keep all of this in consideration when picking the number of items I want to finish in the next 12 months.

Now that I have a list - the point is to update you guys, the readers, every Sunday. So look for that as I work my way through the project list. I wish everyone in the blog-a-long group the best of luck as they work through their projects - hopefully we are ALL successful!


Andrea Morrison said...

ooooh my!  I've seen a few people that will be doing this.  I always hate to commit to any projects...especially a year out.  I still have a sweater in time out from last year.  Good luck completing yours.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Your list is very ambitious.  I need to do this so I'll just have to go over and join the group.  I'm never without a project on my needles or on the hook so I am sure that I can come up with tons of things I can get done.  I crochet/knit hats for my local cancer center and I have started making shawls for them too.  I have several projects I want to do for myself so that would keep me going.  I love the Wrap you have listed it's very pretty.  Good luck!

Cris said...

I think that if I didn't have this internship looming, I could have added 3 or 4 more big items - BUT I'm happy with my list, especially since I know I'll end up doing more because I'll see something I want to make that isn't on my list *laughing*

I'm very excited to make the Joseph Wrap. It is going to be for my oldest daughter. She knows I'm going to make it for her but right now, she thinks she has to get the yarn :P

I think it's amazing you do hats and shawls for the local cancer center. Charitable Crochet is one of those things I think really escalates the 'satisfaction' level of crochet as a hobby. There is something about giving that makes it more enjoyable. Bless you for what you do!

Cris said...

Thanks - I am a person that always has a lot of WIPs. I do finish them but for some reason I like to hop around. I think the list is decent enough to allow me to not only hop between these projects, but a few others that may find their way onto the list later on :)

xxxmckingbirdxx said...

I love your list. I like the ornaments pattern. It's so cute. XD

CrochetConcupiscence said...

I'm so happy about this project. Gives me a chance to work on some stuff I'd been meaning to focus on working on! Love the choices you've made!!

Kat said...

Good luck on those Cris! You are one busy woman...I don't know how you do it!  When I was reading yours I thought maybe I should do it too but I know as soon as I do, something will happen and it won't happen. I hate to make committments I can't keep. xoxo

Rowe said...

You will be fine :D love that list of yours and the joseph wrap is superb.  Can't wait to see how you go

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