Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hookin' Up on July 28th

Perhaps you all have not heard but Crochet Concupiscence is having a crochet blog related project called "Hookin' Up." Kick-off for the event was July 1st and my participate date is set for July 28th.

The premise of the event is to bring crochet bloggers together through blog reviews, all linked together, through the month of July. On July 1st, Crochet Concupiscence kicked off the event by reviewing KRW Knitwear. Then on July 2nd, KRW gives a review of the blogger next on the list. Basically, you can start with the first review of KRW Knitwear and work your way through the entire month, finding different crochet related blogs.

I basically wanted to put a quick note up here to let my readers know that on July 27th, my blog will be reviewed by Yarn Dharma and on July 28th, I will be reviewing the blog An Open Book.

I really encourage anyone who wants to follow crochet blogs to start at the beginning and work your way through. I think you'll be surprised at the various blogs.

I hope you are all as excited for this project as I am!
- Cris


Caz said...

oooo this does sound very exciting :-D

florencefrazier2002 said...

Thanks for the heads up!  I love finding others who share a the same passions I do!

CrochetConcupiscence said...

Thanks for spreading the word. I've been so impressed with everyone's participation so far!

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