Sunday, July 17, 2011

Year of Projects: Week 3

Project Percentage Complete: 21%
Overall Percentage Complete: 25%

Since I had been focusing on my cabled scarf, which is not done yet, I thought I'd take a break from the needles and revisit my crochet hook. I picked up a G and started plugging away on my Christmas ornaments, the ice skates. The pattern is very easy to memorize and they turn out pretty quickly. I made 5 pair in about an hour (with interruptions).

My percentage this week took a HUGE jump because of the fast nature of the skate ornament and the fact I have so many of them to make. I know that when these are done, my percentage will slowly climb to the top - not like the rocket ship climb I took this week.

Even more exciting is that as of now, Saturday night, 8 minutes before midnight, I finished the knit cabled scarf I started working on. It took 2 balls of Mistero Trends wool blend. I'm excited to show it to you even though I think it may need blocked. Granted, I need to talk to the yarn group ladies to get a feel for what I should be doing exactly.

Number of Project Items: 28
Number of Added Items: 4

Project List Items (not complete)
- Filet Market Bag
- Lacey Table Runner for kitchen
- Throw for living room sofa (no pattern selected yet)
- Men's Vest (Christmas present)
- Round Afghan/Throw (potential Christmas present)
- Angel Tree Topper
- Joseph Wrap from Crochet! Magazine (as Christmas present)
- 13 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas presents)
- 2 sets of Golf Club Covers (no numbers) - (as Christmas presents)

Project List Items (done)
- 3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
- 2 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (as office Christmas presents)
- Easy Cabled Scarf (my own pattern) 

Added Items (not complete)
- Wristlet Bag (adjusting pattern)
- EnviroTote Market Bag #4

Added Items (done)
- Wristlet Bag (making my own pattern)
- Mystery CAL Beach Bag

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Kate said...

Your scarf looks very snuggly and the ice skates are so cute! It does feel so good to finish things.

Caz said...

Oh wow I love those ice skates!!! SO COOL!

ruthmckeown said...

Your scarf looks gorgeous, well done on getting it finished. How cute are those skates, really lovely

RugbyMad said...

How sweet are those ice skating boots!  And your scarf well its stunning!

Dorothy said...

Your scarf is beautiful and those little skates are so cute.  I'm going to have to buy some big paperclips tomorrow so I can give them a try.  

Sandycrochet said...

You had a good week, always nice to see your percentages grow.  If I tried to figure out right now, it would still be pretty low I think.  The scarf looks awesome.  Congrats on getting it done!  Most cool to get a wip moved over to the fo category.

Cris said...

I know the overall percentage will fluctuate because I have several things *not* on my list that I'll be doing here soonish. And of course, I know once those skates are done, the percentage will crawl to 100%. Oh well - I'm glad to just see some progress, even if its on the small things :)

Cris said...

Thanks! You can't really see it in the picture, but I'm using wool-ease for the white part so they are a little fuzzy at the top. I think they would look flat if it were a plain ole white, non-fuzzy color. I really think you'll like them!

Cris said...


Cris said...

Thanks :)

Cris said...

Thank you :)

Cris said...

The blend is surprisingly soft even though it's a wool blend. Thank you and yes, it does feel good to get things done :)

OghamMoon said...

Oh wow, it looks like you've been on a real roll this week, isn't it a lovely feeling when something gets completed so quickly!

florencefrazier2002 said...

Looks like you are making great progress!  Those skates are so cute and I cannot wait to see your scarf blocked!

Cristina Barnes said...

Congrats on finishing you beautiful Scarf I absolutely love it! And the skate OMG I must try to make some are you using 1 or 2 paperclips? I have so many WIPs hanging on every door knob and a ton in my head I need to do what you do and make a list (to keep my ADD in check lol) So anyone can join the group?

Clare Unitt said...

I love the skates and its great to have a quick project.  Scarf looks gorgeous - are you sure it needs blocking? x

kim said...

Congrats on your finished scarf--it looks so warm and cozy and wintery.

Rowe said...

That scarf is awesome :D and those ornaments are soooooooo cute <3

Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch said...

The scarf looks really great - it's such a lovely colour! The skates are really cute - I haven't seen any of those before. 

Keri said...

I LOVE the scarf.  It looks great!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

The scarf looks great and the ice skates are really cute, you are going to be well organised for Christmas!

CrochetBlogger said...

Those ice skate ornaments are adorable!

Evelyn Leong said...

Those ice skates are beyond adorable!

Annie Chen said...

Super cute! you're making good progress on it!

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