Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Ah - another WIP Wednesday. It has been a while since I have done one of these so I figured it was time to get something down.

As I have stated in previous blog entries, I have had a hankering to make socks. And while crochet is my primary form of fiber arts, I have never felt that crocheting socks was good for socks to be worn in shoes. Perhaps it is because I have really sensitive feet, but if the sock goes into a shoe WITH my foot, then I prefer knit. I think it is because the post of a crochet stitch is round while knit is more flat.... who knows - it's my reasoning. I know I'll have a host of comments from readers stating how they have the perfect crochet sock - I'm sure you do for you... for me, shoe socks are to be knit socks. Although - I do like a nice thick, comfy crocheted pair of house socks.

Anywhoozles - what I'm trying to say is my WIPs are pretty much knit focus.

I have one sock on a loom; however, I'm not sure this sock will ever get finished. I like the loom ok - but not enough to torture myself with making a second sock.

I started another pair of socks on circular needles. This is a whole new way to doing it so I'm on a learning curve. I think, as of right now, I like this method mostly because I'm making two socks at once. Well, I had a couple inches done until I realized I borked up the knit stitch. Don't ask me how. I got side tracked or something.... but whatever happened, I had some pretty darn big ladders. So what looked ok this morning, even with ladders, now looks like 2 big balls inside a zip lock bag. Hmmmm ok, that isn't what it looks like. That is what it is.

How I figured out I was doing something wrong was I decided that I would use up the last of my off-white cotton yarn making dishcloths. Well, I've crocheted several dishcloths and thought I'd knit up one of Grandmother's Favorites. Well, I was knitting away at the socks and decided to put some time in on the dishcloth. When I went to do a yarn over, the yarn didn't seem to sit right. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what was wrong - and then it hit me. I was not doing the knit stitch right. For some reason, I got weird in the middle of the sock and didn't realize it until I picked up the washcloth. Oh well - I ended up frogging the socks and will cast them on again, most likely, tomorrow.

So, this is my dishcloth - I've made it around the sides and am on the decrease. Decreasing knit is when it becomes VERY apparent that I knit too tightly. If anyone has any suggestions on how to loosen the iron grip I have, I'd be more than welcome to the advise.

I do have one crochet project in the making although, while I know the man does not actively read my blog, I do not want to talk about it too openly or post pictures. Just know I'm about 10 to 15% done with it. I am excited to see this one grow; however, he was off work Sunday and Monday so I have not been able to work on it since Saturday. I'm eager to see how this one turns out.

But - before I blow the surprise (I could see him reading my blog tomorrow on a fluke) I'm going to stop talking about it now.

Whelp, this is the mighty entry I have for WIP Wednesday. If you are interested in what others are doing or would like to participate yourself, head on over to Tami's Amis blog.


Natalie Howells said...

I used to be a really tight knitter, especially with metal or plastic needles. When I started using wood or bamboo, with slipperier yarns, I definitely got a little looser. Not sure if that helps at all.

Mutant Supermodel said...

It is SO hard for me to switch to knitting from crochet. Everything just feels wrong and it takes me a while to *remember* how to do things properly

Nicky said...

Your writing style has me howling!!!!!!!  I'm so swiping "anywhoozles".  I swear we're knit twins -- my mom calls my hold on my needles "the iron vice" .. LOL!!!!

Tami said...

YAY for knitting AND crocheting! I wish I could help you on the whole knitting tight, but I'm a CRAZY tight knitter and crocheter. It's insane. I knit socks with fingering yarn on size 2 (for ribbing) and 3 for the rest, despite most people using 0s and 1s.

CrochetConcupiscence said...

To be honest I've never worn hand knit or hand crocheted socks. Intrigued by your assessment.

Affiknitty said...

It's hard to change how you knit. . . unless it is just because you are tense, then the solution is just to take a big deep breath and relax every couple of rows.  : )  The first year I learned to knit the gauge of each project grew as I went along and learned to relax!  If you just naturally are a tight knitter all the time then the solution is to change needle sizes so your stitches are looser even when your knitting is tight.
BTW, I've wondered about the knit vs. crochet socks so I found your post interesting.

Cris said...

 Hmmm guess I'm just an iron fist knitter. I also crochet tight too and have conceded to using one hook size larger than any pattern asks for.

As for the socks - this is my personal opinion. I'd say find yourself a crochet sock pattern and give it a whirl.

Cris said...

 I think we need a club then LOL I do use larger needles when I crochet - I guess I'm going to have to let that spill over to my knitting too.

Cris said...

 I have not tried anything but metal needles. Perhaps I'll grab some wood needles this weekend and see how it works out. Thanks!

Cris said...

 I think the "odd" thing for me, although what probably makes swapping back and forth ok, is I do not hold the yarn the same. heck, I don't even hold it in the same hand. I think that its just a good mental trigger of what I'm doing - unconsciously, my mind preps for the task based on which hand has the yarn.

Cris said...

Glad you enjoyed the read :P I am trying to lighten up a little but it really doesn't seem to be working very well. 

Cris said...

It really is only my opinion - but to any crafter, I'd say make one of each and see if you like them. Crochet is just always so thick and bulky feeling.

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