Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HA! I did it.

Just a quick note that I did get those items in the mail yesterday. Take that, mailbox!  So, in another day or two, the boxes should arrive at their destinations.

I was hoping to be able to post WIP Wednesday, which technically I could because I do have some things going, but before I could take pictures of the items, I finished them. They were simple household items so really, nothing spectacular to report on - but I did actually have WIPs.

I'm currently sitting here with yarn in hand trying to dream up a fun scarf pattern for the 2012 Special Olympics scarf project. Unfortunately, I believe the muscle relaxers I am on seem to be relaxing my thinking muscles too. I'm at a mental roadblock on coming up with scarf ideas so I think I may have to scour through Ravelry and some of the free crochet pattern websites to find some patterns to get me in the spirit of things... making scarves in May isn't my usual.

With that said, I think I'm going to put my hook and yarn back into my project bag and head to bed.

Goodnight, blog buddies. Sleep well and God Bless.
- Cris


gail said...

Hope whatever you are taking the relaxers for is feeling better today! 

Caz said...

ooo an olympics cute :-D

Natalie Howells said...

 Will the scarf be in the colours of the Olympic rings I wonder? Sounds fun ;)

vikki hooks said...

just  became a follower.. 

Cris said...

Thank you! A pleasure to meet you, Vikki :)

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