Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Always Busy Crocheting

Shawl for Mom: Mother's Day 2011
That's right, I'm always busy crocheting.... or at least enough to make it the title of this post and qualify me for the ABC meme with An Accidental Knitter.

I'm getting a late start. Yesterday was the post for C - and like always, I'm the last to know of the fun stuff. So... instead of pouting about being late and not getting to play along, I figured I'd just jump right in and do "A B and C" all together as "Always Busy Crocheting."

So what does it mean - well, pretty much just that, although I did consider making this "A Busy Crocheter" because that is more truthful than you'd believe. However, I hate the sob story/rope-pissing contest type messages. I know other people are busier than me. I'm not alone and griping about it or making everyone aware doesn't make it better. Truth be told - I actually love being busy which is probably why, when I do have spare time, I like to fill it with something like painting or fiber arts. Not being busy isn't very fun to me.

Another aspect of "always busy crocheting" is that while I have limited time to crochet, my favorite of the fiber arts as it stands right now, I tend to have so many WIPs going at one time. Right now I have socks on the needles, a sock on a loom, dishcloths (both crochet and knitted), a scrapghan, AND a special project for the man. Sometimes I look at it and wonder what kind of crazy lady has taken over my body - but then I come back to reality and know it's just me... I'm that crazy lady.

So, to wrap this up - I enjoy being always busy... and more so in my free time: always busy crocheting. It's a good hobby and it's constructive. So I ask you, dear reader, what are you always busy doing?

If you are interested in reading other entries for this link party OR want to join in, head on over to An Accidental Knitter's blog and check things out. It works like other link parties - make your post (preferably on Monday, but not required on Mondays) and link direct to your post from hers. Don't forget to include a link back so your readers can join in on the fun.

Join me next Monday when I tackle the letter D.


Emma Littlehales said...

I'm always busy working at the moment, but after exam month is over, i will definitely be back to being always busy knitting. I agree with you though, I always have to be busy doing something!

CrochetConcupiscence said...

Also always busy crocheting ... and writing ... and daydreaming

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