Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Thrill of Something New

There is something special - almost magical, when starting a new project. I may be in a minority with this, but truly - it is something I think triggers my mind into releasing endorphins. I may be crazy, but it is somewhat like when a new relationship starts - everything is brand new and fun.

Am I crazy?

May be - but that doesn't take away from my excitement.

'tequila sunrise' yarn from Red Heart
My first "new adventure" is one in knitting. I know I know... I really am not a knitter. I don't overly enjoy it although recently I've had a craving to make socks. It isn't that I "can't" knit - I choose not to knit; however, this craving is worse than a pregnant woman with pickles and ice cream. I have been looking for the right method to knit socks, including the purchase of a new sock loom.

I had cast on using 4 double pointed needles and I remembered oh so clearly why I hate that method. So I thought I'd go 15th century (the true old-skool?) and use 5 double pointed needles. Yea... that's about the same as 4 with just 2 extra needles to jam into your nail bed.

My frustrations had almost gotten the best of me when a friend suggested I use 2 joined hooks. I went online and found the magic ring method.... yea - that's a negative as far as my first attempt. She then realized I had no idea what she was talking about and brought me a book: Knitting Circles Around Socks by Antje Gillingham. I flipped through the book and my initial thought is "ok, this makes sense." So I took my Michael's gift card out today and purchased 2 sets of joined needles. I have sock yarn so I guess I'm ready to go. Perhaps I'll have something to show on WIP Wednesday as far as socks are concerned. It's a learning curve so we shall see.

This project of socks excites me because it is a method where you make both socks at the same time, alleviating Second Sock Syndrome (SSS). In addition to preventing SSS, I will have better control of getting the colorways to match up and not have 8 sharp points wiggling around my fingers in a small work space.

I know this blog is about crochet, but I reserve the right to say it's PRIMARILY about crochet *chuckles* I don't anticipate a lot of knitting to be discussed beyond socks.

So to bring it back around to crochet, my second project (or probably the primary, considering I am VERY excited to get this going) is going to be my first true wearable beyond hats and scarves. I have decided to make my beloved a sweater vest for Christmas (or whatever holiday comes right after I finish it because I suck at keeping presents for any given amount of time).

I have chosen a pattern by Drew Emborsky, better known to us as the Crochet Dude. The pattern is simply called "Guy's Vest" (ravelry link). I will be doing it in a darker green using Caron yarn. I am really excited about this one so I can see me plowing through the pattern and having it done in time for me to give it to him on Sunday... this Sunday. *laughing*

This one makes me doubly excited because it is my first wearable and I do love crocheting for the man. I hope he'll love it as much as I love the idea (and the process) of making it for him.

So I ask you, the reader, do you get excited when starting a new project? What was the last big project you were really excited about starting and knew it was "right" to make?


CrochetConcupiscence said...

Not to knock your knitting because I think it's good to branch out but have you tried crocheting socks? There are some good patterns out there for that these days. In another vein, have you read the cheeky books by Stephanie Pearl-McGee? She has a great sense of humor and has written several things about SSS and knitting socks that are quite funny.

Cris said...

I actually am not a fan of crocheted socks. I think crochet socks make great house socks, but bad shoe socks. And yes, I have crocheted house socks before. Of course, I am sure there is a pattern out there somewhere that would prove me wrong - but I tend to lean towards knitting wearables - doing the sweater vest for the man is a HUGE step for me :) I have not read those books but I will definitely check them out!

LyndaGrace said...

 That book is very good and is the one I use.   I do get frustrated with using the two balls of yarn, though, because they always seem to get tangled up with one another. 
Sometimes it seems that with all of the flipping the needles and yarn back and forth I find it quicker and easier to use the double points. But that's just me.If you want to give the dpns another try, the Leisure Arts book "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M KNITTING SOCKS"is the best. 

Cris said...

 Thanks for the tip on a book to use with the double points. I am doing ok with this method so far. I haven't dropped a stitch (yet). I'm doing a VERY basic sock to get the feel for it and work the wires out on my new needles. All the flipping is interesting in addition to the springy needles that want to go back to their original shape from the package *laughs* oh well - perhaps I will turn these into tube socks LOL I think the biggest benefit I'm getting is doing 2 socks at a time. I am thinking though, this same method could be used on dps just using 3 - 2 to cast on and 1 to feed back and forth as you work around (granted, then you are back to potentially having SSS hehehe)

gail said...

Making socks is very scarey to me!

I am about to finish my third simple knit prayer shawl.  I have decided that they are the perfect baby shower gift as it is homemade, filled with prayer and doesn't have the "mercenary" feel to a gift bought from a registry!

Cris said...

Its scary to me too! (knitting them, anyway hehehe) Oh, are you using a pattern for the prayer shawl? If so, can you link me or tell me what book its in? I love making shawls! I agree on making gifts though... truly, I love making my way away from the mass produced and moving back towards a simpler (and I use that term very loosely LOL) time.

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