Monday, May 16, 2011

the mailbox and I are not friends.... apparently.

I obviously suck at mailing things.


A person like me can NEVER take on eBay as a full time job.

What I have to mail:
1) baby afghan
2) 4 hats for
3) several dishcloths for the Visions with Sugar Plums request for charitable donations

I admit that last week I was caught up in the "big house hunt," which has been nothing shy of stressful; however, it really isn't that bad. It is stressful but I have dealt with a lot more stressful situations and came away a lot better for them. Then... as the week progressed, I asked the man to bring me some boxes from work - and he has forgotten..... several times. *laughing* Granted, while he has forgotten the request, it is my responsibility to mail these. I'm just being terribly lazy about the whole thing!

So I declare that by Tuesday, I will resolve this situation and have all three boxes in the mail..... maybe.

*coughs lightly*

I found a charitable crochet contest going on for Grace Healthcare, which is outlined on the InStitches Blog. The contest is to make these tiny teddy bears for patients at Grace Healthcare, an organization in New Jersey that helps Alzheimer and hospice patients. I am thinking that even if you are not interested in the contest or in making teddy bears, the blog states that they can use bears but patients also need shawls and lapghans.

In my projects news, don't tell my husband but I found a wonderful pattern I'm going to use to crochet him a sweater for Christmas, if not sooner (I'm terrible at keeping presents away from people). I found the pattern today. It is one by "The Crochet Dude," of course. I am very particular about crocheting wearables because crochet can be so much more bulky than knit - but I really think this sweater is going to be fantabulous!

I fed 6 more balls of yarn into my scrapghan. I would say it's roughly 3/4 of the way done. It is going to be a lovely blanket - very warm and practical and... very very colorful! I tried to get a picture of it but unfortunately the lighting in our house is dreadful. I will have to get some photos outside once the weather clears up.

I am hoping to get some more videos up here soon. I always like making crochet tutorial videos.

I have a few other things going on but I'd rather reserve a specific blog post for them, so that means - I don't have much more to say on the topic of crochet this wonderful Sunday evening.

Thank you again for reading!

PS: if you haven't gotten a chance to vote in the poll, please do so! I am letting it run to the end of May so there is a bit over a week left to vote. I'm very interested in your preferences when it comes to charitable crochet (or knitting!).


Pamela Scott said...

I usually suck at mailing stuff too!  I put it off and put it off.  I have to just sit down and make myself do it.

Kat said...

I think I need to start a scrap ghan myself. That's one thing I've not made yet.  

gail said...

I am awful about mailing anything! 

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