Thursday, May 05, 2011

In the News: Crocheting Kids

Tucked away in the Everett, Washington news was a tiny little blurb about crochet.

According to the article, Claire Baker's fifth grade students took on a project. Each was expected to learn crochet, complete a small piece of the project, and be done. However, these tenatious young folks didn't. In fact, they enjoyed crocheting so much, the 15 students who regularly attended the meetings opted to start an official school club, meeting once a week before school.

In order to make the hats and scarves, the club members were crocheting during their lunch and recess time.

The children were working towards a charitable crocheted donation of hates and scarves to Seattle Children's Hospital After picking up the donation in April, a hospital representative presented certificates of appreciation to the students for their donation.


Isn't this a heartwarming story? Seriously - the idea that crochet is helping those in need is not a new idea. What I like is the feeling that these students are bonding with one another through crochet. A lot of focus has been recently poured into cyberbullying and how children struggle in school with making friends and finding their place. These students are doing just that and helping others along the way.

I don't know - it just makes me think what can I be doing with my own children in the crafting realm to help them help others and to help themselves (self esteem, confidence, knowledge, skill, etc). It is not that they are not crafty, I just think it would be amazing if they had an opportunity to join in a club like the one in the article - but those clubs are not available at their schools. In fact, as disheartening as it seems, my son's middle school has a club to learn to walk in high heels *long sigh* I read that on their web page and seriously rolled my eyes at the screen, wondering what has happened to our world, our ethics, our values.... who cares if a girl can walk in high heels? ... and yes, I had a few smug comments that I'd rather not share here.

But a club to do charity crochet.... I do wish I had more time, I would petition his school and offer my time to teach kids how to crochet.

My daughter's school was requesting parents with skills to step forward to teach an afterschool course in whatever it was. I pondered some of my other skills but never thought of crochet. Perhaps this is an opportunity to begin spreading the joy of charitable crocheting. I just sit and wish I had more time. But... I think most of us sit with that same wish for whatever reason (more time to crochet, more time for work, more time for family, more time for *fill in the blank*)

I was just glad to see some recognition going to kids who are using crochet as a positive in their lives. I hope they keep up the great work. Props to them from Crochet with Cris!

Question to the Readers:
- What is your favorite charitable crochet project? Be sure you list a website if they have one!

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Kat said...

I think that's awesome. I wish someone would have gotten me interested in crocheting years ago. I'm so bummed that I didn't earnestly pick it up until the last couple of years. I would be crocheting daily at home if I was independtly wealthy and could afford to. And you can bet that I would also be teaching an elective course for crochet too.

I like I submitted some squares to them.

Heather said...

I really like what Mrs. Twins is doing with SIBOL (Sunshine International Blankets of Love). The elderly have a special place in my heart and I think they often get forgotten by the younger generation. Here is her website...

CrochetConcupiscence said...

I was just reading this same article and was going to share it on my blog as well but I think you've really covered it well here. There are a surprising number of kids' crochet clubs popping up at schools (particularly at the middle school age it seems) and I think it's great for the same reasons that you do. Crochet can be a bonding thing, it can build self-esteem, it teaches generosity and has so many other great benefits for kids!

Julie Kempton said...

That is a marvelous thing they are doing! I think it's great for kids to learn a craft and even better to use it to help others. Thanks for sharing the article. I do most of my crafting for charity too, my favorite group is Knit-a-Square (, I make squares that get sewn into blankets for AIDS orphans in South Africa. There are so many good causes that can use our craftiness!

Julie Kempton said...

That's so fabulous what they are doing! It's so great for kids to learn a craft and to help others too. Thanks for sharing the article. I do alot for charity too, my favorite is Knit-a-Square (, I make blanket squares which are sewn into blankets for AIDS orphans in South Africa. There are so many good causes that can use our craftiness!

Cris said...

Thanks for the comment - I look at what it can do and am impressed that some schools and organizations are taking advantage of it. I hope you still write on the topic - the more coverage we can give to these sorts of clubs and projects, the better!

Cris said...

I am not sure why but I have other comments but they are not showing up on the page.... strange!

Cris said...

I have never seen this one before - I am following their blog now to stay up to date. Thanks for sharing :)

Cris said...

Ya know, I had heard of knit a square before but I totally forgot to check them out. Thanks for the reminder !

Cris said...

Darn - the web link is not working :( I have been crocheting almost my entire life and honestly, I did not start charity crochet until later - perhaps it is part of the innocence of childhood that you don't really think others are 'in need' because everything is based of your own experience - and usually kids that are crocheting aren't in bad positions.

purplume said...

We have a local branch of Project Linus here on the Big Island.


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