Monday, January 09, 2012

Recycled Into Yarn

My Plarn Pot Scrubber
Us yarnies often sit down with a skein or ball of yarn to create - but what else can we create with? Are you interested in helping to save our environment through upcycling of products into yarn followed by the creation of a useful item?

A new website has launched and I am proud to have some patterns listed among the many creative patterns. The website, called Recycled Into Yarn,, is a growing directory of patterns and instructionals from various individuals looking outside the box and as a consequence, helping the environment.

I look forward to seeing how this website directory grows and what others are coming up with that I can try too!

Be sure to check out the website, browse the directory, and subscribe to the blog.


Teresa Wooley said...

Cris - Thanks so much on the awesome write-up and thank you for letting me listing your fantastic pattern links.  It's designers like yourself that continue to encourage others to recycle creatively through your talents.  Teresa 

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