Sunday, December 11, 2011

Year of Projects: Week 24

Project Percentage Complete: 64%
Overall Percentage Complete: 75%

Number of Project Items: 25
Number of Added Items: 96
Total Items: 121

I really do try to get something written up before this posts to my blog but I've been so wrapped up in finishing school, attending my first craft show, work, family, and being sick, I didn't get a chance to visit back with an update first.

I have been in such a whirlwind I will say that I have lost track of many of the items I have made for the craft show. UGH to me. Bad Cris, bad! I'm trying to get it as upcated as possible but unfortunately, I think some items are just lost to the list. I'll try to do better.

My first craft show (that I attended along with my items *laughs*) was yesterday. I really enjoyed myself and the time flew by. My friend MA and myself shared a table. We didn't sell a whole lot but as far as I can tell from MA and the other vendors who had done this show in previous years - selling ANYTHING is a wonder. I did sell 2 items - a dishcloth and an order for a hat. So I guess I beat the odds, eh? We got an invitation to a show next year along with notification of another show on December 23rd. MA and I made the executive decision to "do it." So I'm back in whirlwind mode because this time, I have to stock a full table by myself - should prove interesting!

I will be posting a blog this week with a picture of MA and my shared table. Hopefully you all who are more experienced with doing craft shows with your yarn creations can give me some tips and tricks about being successful.

With that - I'm going to update the list and count with what I do have and try to be a little more cognizant of keeping track of what I'm making.

Orange Cat and Andrew the Dog
Oh - and a picture. All blog posts need a picture, right?

Project List Items (not complete)
- Filet Market Bag
- Lacet Table Runner [...started...]
- Throw for living room sofa
- Round Afghan/Throw
- Angel Tree Topper
- 4 pair Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas gift)

Project List Items (done)
- 3 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (personal use)
- 11 pair of Paperclip Ice Skates Ornaments (office Christmas)
- Easy Cabled Scarf
- Poncho (early Christmas present)

Added Items (not complete)
- Wristlet Bag (adjusting pattern) [...65%...]
- Angel Hair scarf
- 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
- knit socks [started]

Added Items (done)
- Wristlet Bag (making my own pattern)
- Mystery CAL Beach Bag
- 5 Knit Washcloth
- 21 Crochet Dishcloth
- 2 Kitchen Chair Wall Protector
- Ear Bud "purse"
- WW Yarn Runner for  ledge
- Angel Hair scarf
- 1 hour cowl
- Hipster (accidental creation)
- Hybrid Hat (pattern coming soon)
- 3 Loom Knit Hat
- 10  Candy Stocking Ornaments
- 2 Crochet Lid Topper
- 2 wreath pins
- 8 Sherry's Headband 
- EnviroTote Market Bag #4
- 2 crochet headband (no pattern)
- Spiderweb Doily
- 2 Crochet Scarves
- 5 crochet washcloths (Christmas presents)
- 1 crochet face scrub finger mitt (Christmas present)
- 1 dust mitt
- 1 knit chemo cap
- 1 crochet hat
- 2 crochet character hats (1 Sock Monkey; 1 Puppy)
- 2 crochet hat clips
- 2 crochet toddler hats
- 2 crochet newborn hats
- 1 small decorative Christmas tree (didn't like, threw away)
- 6 mug cozies

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CrochetBlogger said...

What a long list!!!

florencefrazier2002 said...

I made a list of what I wanted to do but I've put so many other projects ahead that I've not made anything in a while.  Oh well, I'm hoping that will change when I get my new needles.  Great Job Cris!

Kate said...

Congratulations on selling at the show, and good luck with the next one! I love that photo :)

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

So cute!  Congrats on making a sale, good luck on doing it alone.  Bring snacks and be sure to empty your bladder thoroughly before it starts :).  (Ask me how I know...)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I've always wanted to try a show, but I'm never organized enough to get the goods ready in time. Good for you. Sounds like you drummed up some interest. Maybe the show closer to Christmas will be a inner!

The pets? Looks like a standoff to me!

Ruthmckeown said...

Congratulations on the show and a sale is a sale and often hard to make so I'd say you beat the odds brilliantly especially as it was your first.

Cris said...

It's ridiculously long - I never knew I made this much stuff before... CRAZY

Cris said...

New needles? o.O I'm intrigued! Did you get a special set?

Cris said...

That is truly the closest those two have been together without barking or hissing. I laugh because she looks so casual and the poor dog looks a little nervous.

Cris said...

Snacks and bladder... GOT IT :P

Cris said...

I'm hoping to get some cards done for the next show - I wouldn't have done this at all if it had not been for my friend MA. I am glad she pushed me to do this. It's out of my comfort zone but fun nonetheless :)

Cris said...

Thanks! I definitely feel good about making a sale there considering what others were saying, including my friend MA

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