Monday, December 26, 2011

My Craft Show Attempt #2

Left Side of My Table
December 23rd found me quickly - a day set aside for my second craft show.

I spent over a week crocheting almost non-stop for this event. In the first picture youc an see all my towel toppers and my cloche (that I'm loving!). I made the puppy hat without a pattern and the scarves/hat above the pupply (blue) and to the right (green/tan/white) were sets.

Right Side of My Table
In this photo you can see the cranberry tam I made (and am thinking of making one just for me!) and the hybrid hats I've been making. If you are wondering what the dishchoths are setting on, I found some cute lil wooden chairs at Goodwill. I cleaned them up and use them as my shelves. :)

I really did have a good time. My good friend had a table right next to mine so I was able to sit and chat and crochet the night away. A couple folks took my card and said they'd contact me before birthdays of children in their family. I do hope to hear from them. It would be nice to make some cool character hats for them.

All in all it was a good night although it would have been nice to make some seriously high number of sales (I made two) - but oh well. After we broke down at 8:30, my friend and I went and had dinner at the cafe inside the hotel where the show was. We ate walleye till we were full and had even more great conversation.


Andrea Anderson Morrison said...

That must be a hard date for a sale since it's so close to Christmas.  The only one I do in December is always the weekend of the 10th.  I still get lots of shoppers then.  Just to let you know, this has been a slower year for a lot of finished good sales.  It's been very hit and miss so...keep trying.  You have some really nice items.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Everything looks lovely!!!

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