Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday 08-20-2014

Boy oh boy do I not want to do this post *laughs*

Truth be told, I have had a bit of project ADHD lately.... hopping from one project to the next, bookmarking pattern after pattern - no real direction but a lot of distraction from one yummy fiber to the next.

What I am hoping for is that if I post what I'm working on... all of it.... then perhaps it will shine a light on how crazy it is and help me grab a little focus in wrapping up these projects.

It may not seem like much to some, but for me and my schedule - its causing scatter brain!

Be warned that while the blog is "Crochet with Cris" - I do lots of things with fiber so I inappropriately  named the blog. Later on, I started with Creations by Cris, which is what the blog should have been.


First up is the most ignored of all the WIPs - a lapghan.

I used this pattern to create a Christmas present for my sister-in-law last year. I am switching out one row for another stitch pattern, but it is very similar. The goal for this item is to be sold - the money to be used as our Christmas money. That means I had better get my rear in gear because I only have a few short months until Christmas.

The pattern I am using as the base (not with the modified stitch pattern I mentioned) is the Walled Garden Square. It is a free pattern on Ravelry.

I need to make roughly 24 more squares, I think... I'm scared to count, before I am done. Oh, and of course stitch them together. I am doing my best to weave in the ends as I go on this one just so its not such a tedious job at the end. Of course, I say that for EVERY afghan I have ever made and ... in the end, I slop out, don't do the ends until the end of the entire project and grumble the entire time I am doing it. I'm trying to break tradition - but I'll have to report on that when I get to the end.

This is a Kwoosh, also a free pattern on Ravelry. This will be the second one I have made. The first apparently never made it to my project page. I am knitting this in Dream in Color yarn - and I'm loving it.

What makes this one special as well is that my daughter, Squirt, is also knitting one. Oh, did I mention she started knitting with needles a few months ago? She did loom knitting and finger knitting but has just recently made the transition to needles... of course, that's another story for another time.

I work on this one semi-regularly. It's a great pattern for a car ride because it is so easy to memorize and execute. It's also good for movie watching. Granted, because I have a few projects going on, this means that I am not spending my focused time on it. I would like to have it done by fall so I can wear it to work. I love the colors and the feel of the yarn - the Man got it for me for my birthday this year... or was that Mother's Day? Either way, I love it.

This is where my primary focus has been... bad, Cris, bad!

I know I have mentioned a few times over that I do love to make socks. I don't know why but when I tried the afterthought heel on my last pair and was left disappointed in the result, I immediately cast on another pair to make up for the "blah" left behind.

I believe I may write up my "basic sock pattern" and get it up - I don't know if I want to sell it for .99 (its easy but a lot of effort has gone into it) or just post it for free and call it good. Who knows.

I'm using Kroy sock yarn and using DPNs, as you can see in the image. Granted, when I got around the heel, I switched over to 2 circs just to ensure I didn't have any laddering around the heel turn. What stinks about this WIP is the sock is ready to cast off. I wanted a nice little ankle sock albeit with a little height. I am ready to cast off and put on the next sock. For me, which my schedule, one sock takes approximately 1 week so that means by this time next week, if I could get my patooshka in gear, I could have a new pair of socks. Step one - cast off this sock!

And finally, one of the most interesting knits I've done in a long long time.... and no, I can't show you!

It is a Christmas present for my brother. As I explained in previous posts, for Christmas we draw names. The name you draw is the person you make a hand made gift for. Yup - you can buy as much as you want for anyone one you want, but the name you draw - that's a home made gift. I have gotten a cool ring holder my daughter made out of a glove and a skeleton necklace and earring set from the same daughter. My  husband has my name this year so I have my fingers crossed for a wooden cutting board.

Inside this basket is a knitting style I have never done before.... creating the pattern alone took over 8 hours.... I researched and read and read and researched to ensure I got this right. I'm about 25% complete and hope to have the knitting portion done by the end of September, which gives me October and November to do the rest of the project. I will definitely have photos (and video, I'm sure) of this one. I think you'll enjoy it as much as I am - and I really hope my brother loves it too.

So this is my WIP Wednesday. Just having it all laid out helps. I know I know - its only 4 projects... but for me, that is craziness. Of course, I didn't even count the two scrap-ghans I have started. I feed my left over yarn into them so they don't grow all that fast. They take years to finish but in the end, I think they are as beautiful as any color-planned project simply because they are a good colorful reminder of all the work I have finished in order to build the scrap-ghan.

I hope you have a great Wednesday - God Bless!
- C

NOTE: If you like to read WIP posts from other folks, be sure to visit Tami's Amis blog and read up. Of course, you can post your own if you have one!


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