Sunday, March 10, 2013

Year of Projects 2: Update 22

Project Percentage Complete: 49%
Overall Percentage Complete: 70%

Number of Project Items: 98
Number of Added Items: 90
Total Items: 188

Total Completed Project Items: 48
Total Completed Items: 132

I had one completion this week which is a pair of vanilla socks. They are a gift so I'm hoping the person that receives them really enjoys them.

I continue to work on the Wingspan shawl and have cast on another pair of vanilla socks ... for myself this time. I am a little worried that I don't have enough yarn for them.... let me explain.

I purchased 1 ball of zauberball (*excited face*) and used my new yardage counter to split it in half... but then in the end, it wasn't even - I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure that there is some sort of a magic trick to using the yardage counter although I just thought I had to snap the yarn inside on the spinner wheel thingee and drag it through.... obviously I was over-simplifying things. *laughs*

SO, now I have my zauberball cut in what was supposed to be half - and one ball is smaller than the other. I decided to take on the smaller ball. I really do think that if I have enough, it will barely be enough to make an ankle sock - which is irritating. If I don't have enough to make the sock, I get the joy of frogging all that work and deciding to make smaller socks for the youngest OR making it into a small shawlette.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Percentage-wise, I had the one finish but added another pair of socks to the list - so I'm just kinda breaking even with the overall craft numbers. I can't wait to finish the wingspan since its on the original project items list, which means I'd be at 50% .... it would be nice to be more than half done by the time the year was up. *laughs*

Project List Items (not started/in progress)
- Navajo Indian Multi-Color Afghan (gift)
- 17 squares for SIBOL  
- 9 crochet knockers for donation
- Knit Wingspan Shawl 

- 5 pet beds for donation
- 10 chemo caps for donation
- 2 swiffer covers (for me!)
- Knit a Sweater for the Man
- 1 pair spat warmers
- Woven Blocks Crochet Quilt
- Room Shoes
- Amimono Kimono (for me!)

Project List Items (done)
- 33 squares for SIBOL
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for Mom (Christmas present)
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for SIL (Christmas present)
- State Fair Afghan
- Dead Fish Hat (Birthday gift for DS)
- Spidey-colored Round Ripple Lapghan (Christmas present)
- 1 crochet knockers for donation
- Wrap (ended poorly - was supposed to be for Squirt but... didn't work out)

Added Items (not started/in progress)
- Tongues of Fire (for me) 
- Pimpelliese (for me)
- Vanilla Socks for me

- Striped Granny Bag
- Elite Syncopations
- Harry Potter Scarf 
- Blue or Purple Cowl (for a friend; after the holidays)

Added Items (done)
- Have a Heart Shawl (free Red Heart pattern)
- Magic Square Potholder
- Boot Toppers (Christmas present)
- 50 Ruffle Scarves
- Striped Scarf (Christmas Present)
- Crochet Clock (Christmas Present)
- House Slippers (Christmas Present)
- Warm Hat with Bill (Christmas Present)
- Stocking Cap (Christmas present)
- 3 icord knit snakes
- My Garter Slipped Scarf (for me)
- 3 pair Vanilla Socks
- 2 plastic canvas door hanging pouches (for Valentine's Day)
- 2 Ice Pack Pillowcases
- 13 Crochet Fortune Cookies
- Headband to Match Garter Slip Scarf (for me)

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

Love the colours of your Zauberballe :) I'm forever running short of yarn or abbreviating socks these days so any advice I have would be suspect. I don't use a yardage counter to divide by half though, I use a kitchen scale. Also, with Zauberballe, wouldn't rewinding reverse the colour sequence? I guess you'd be okay if you rewound both halves.

Cris said...

It would reverse the colors, yes - BUT I wound it once (reversed) to get the total yardage and then wound it backwards again (un-reversing LOL) to get ball 1 and then ball 2. It made sense in my head when I started doing it lol

ruthmckeown said...

well done on completing your socks, I'm sure who ever receives them they'll think they are awesome ! If I had to frog the socks where they were to short I'd cast on a shawlette, don't think I could face another pair of socks so I hope you have enough. It is a gorgeous colour btw.

mary said...

got nothing on the yarn issue..I've never done it and in my little projects it is really not that important...Are you using a special pattern for your pet beds...? I am interested and have one in my favorites but am looking for others..

Cris said...

Hi there, Mary! Thankfully, the small ball of the yarn is big enough for a full sock (WHEW!) - I rarely pay a lot for my yarn but when I do, I want it to work out the way it is supposed to. :) As for the pet beds, I use my pattern called the One Skein Pet Bed ( It is on Ravelry too, if that is where you track your favorites.

Cris said...

Thanks, Ruth! I actually was planning on the shawlette BUT thankfully I do have enough in the small ball for a sock SO that means I should be ok with making the 2nd too. *WHEW* I really am liking the colors too - they are working up very nicely... nicely enough the Man thinks I may give them to him HAHAH!

DeliaKnits said...

I would be tempted to knit the sock and hope for the best. If you really abhor frogging, then I'd frog now and make them smaller.

Emma said...

Love the socks that you've finished, the colour is great! And I always have yarn left over for socks, so I think you'll be fine even with the smaller ball.

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