Saturday, March 09, 2013

Crocheting My Life Back: Update 7

The Statistics
Current Weight: 292
Weekly Loss/Total Loss: -3/-8

Squares Allowed: 8
Squares Completed: 0

Thoughts on changes in the last two weeks
First and foremost, I want to let everyone know that I have decided to only post ever two weeks. Weekly seemed a bit frequent so I figure this may be best.

In the last two weeks I have begun drinking a protein shake I get from the local organic market. It's gluten free and heart friendly. The consistency is a little odd BUT its still good. I have been drinking it in the morning as a breakfast replacement, using almond milk instead of regular milk or juice. I'm really happy with the result so far.

It isn't meant for weight loss, but cutting out the extra calories has been enough to push for a relatively steady weight loss since starting to drink it.

Now, I am at a point where I think it'll be ok to make squares. There was something before where it felt like what I lost was a fluke.... that it would come back. I honestly held back making squares because I felt like it would all just come back (even though it was only a few pounds). Now I'm a wee bit more confident in making the squares.

I would like to get the pounds to come off faster. I know that slow and steady is best, but I would really like to lose at least 2 a week. In order to do that, I know I need to focus more on getting some sort of a workout regime here at the house.

So thank you for the suggestion to get a meal replacement shake. While the Spirutein is not meant to be a dieting shake - it really has been a blessing.

Things I want to do next week
Now that I have begun replacing out my breakfasts with a filling shake with great protein, now I need to work on getting a workout regime going at home.

Any suggestions? What are your favorite workout routines? Do you do DVDs?

Picture Time
No pictures this week as I haven't hit a 10 pound milestone.

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Sara - momwithahook said...

I used to do the Walk It DVDs. I had the 1 mile and the 5 mile ones. Good going on your loss and for replacing a meal with a shake which seems to be working for you.

Sara - momwithahook said...

Cris, I finally updated my challenge. I switched it up again and will be making hearts for each day I focus instead of pounds lost. Today was almost a success but didn't quite get there. I switched this challenge to my crochet blog so the linky goes to that blog now.

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