Monday, March 11, 2013

Christmas in March

I took a risk last week and ordered from Knit Picks - ya know, first order after the security issue with them putting customer info where it shouldn't have been. I figure now is the best time to order - I bet they are really watching themselves. I bet they are more secure now than they ever have been.

Anywhoozles - I needed a yardage counter and of course, its nothing you can buy in town.... per norm.

So, I wanted to share my order with you all.

You can see the yardage counter so we won't talk about that again.

I got two circular needles - US 2. One is the nickle plated kind and the other is that stripey wood/bamboo - what's that called again?

I decided to try the two circular method of doing socks so I wanted to get nice circs that were different visually - I like the nickle a LOT.

Then, those items aside, I got 8 skeins of sock yarn - 6 of the skeins are Felici yarn and the last two are Stroll. They are really squishy! I can't wait to make the socks. I think I'll be making one pair for each person in the house. I'm really excited but put them aside for the zauberball.

I will keep you all updated on sock progress with the yarn from this order - but just know that right now, I'm spending a lot of time just squishing it and gazing at the pretty colors.


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