Sunday, August 19, 2012

Year of Projects 2: Week 6

Project Percentage Complete: 38%
Overall Percentage Complete: 37%

Number of Project Items: 105
Number of Added Items: 3
Total Items: 108

Total Completed Items: 40

I was out of state this weekend so unfortunately, I didn't make it to my blog before the update auto-posted. My bad - BUT its about 9pm and I'm able to sit down and update it, even though it already posted. I'm hoping you all haven't read it yet and will see the actual update.

The only finish I have this week is a washcloth for Christmas. It is green and knit - and very basic.My percentages went up a smidge - so to me that's good progress. *smiles*

I'm continuing to work on the spiderman themed round ripple, but I'll admit, it takes a long time to work around it now - I have about 5 more rows to go and can see it dragging on for another two weeks. A lady at work saw me working on it when it was small and asked what I would charge. I said 25$ - well, lady from work - I'd have to say 50 simply because I don't think I want to do another one of these for a while. *laughs* Round ripples for babies are fine because you don't go this big.... Round ripples for 6 year olds is a lot different.

Anywhoozles - my trip was to see my mother. It was a great weekend visit. My brother is also moving and I'm not sure how everything played out, but somewhere in the mix my grandmother's house sold and they were cleaning the remainder of the contents out. When these items pictured were found, they obviously came my way.

There are 14 granny squares made from her scraps and trimmed in black along with a host of various pattern pamphlets, may from Coats and Clark. The oldest pamphlet is the red one with a doily on it (pictured on the far right side). This one is from 1956 and was mailed to my paternal great grandmother. Several of the others were mailed to my maternal great grandmother. It's pretty cool to see their taste in patterns, although I do think the Workbasket mailing was a subscription. I flipped through them quickly BUT I will go through them more thoroughly soon - and maybe even make a few of the patterns.

As for the granny's - my mother seems to think there are more in the boxes somewhere so I'm going to hold off doing anything with them. Either way, more or not, I'll figure out something to make with the squares even if it means I need to make some filler squares - although I'd prefer to keep it just to her squares, my joining.

Hmmmmm I'm getting the camera battery charged up so I can pull some photos from it so look for some fair pictures coming soon.

Other than that - I hope you all are doing fantastic and those of you participating in YoP are making great headway. I'll be reading and commenting this week as I was a bit slack last week.

In the spirit of giving you some more photos - here is a quick sunset shot I snapped driving back from dinner with my mother. It was taken on my cell phone (heck, all of my pictures are taken with a cell phone lol) - I really enjoyed the colors and watching the sun go down over the fields.

Project List Items (not started/in progress)

- 1 knit/crochet cloths for Mom (Christmas present)
- 17 squares for SIBOL 
- Spidey-colored Round Ripple Lapghan (Christmas present)

- Shawl (gift for the fall/spring for DD2)
- 5 knit/crochet cloths for SIL (Christmas present)
- 10 crochet knockers for donation
- 5 pet beds for donation
- 10 chemo caps for donation
- 2 swiffer covers (for me!)
- 1 swiffer cover for Mom (Christmas present)
- 1 swiffer cover for SIL (Christmas present)
- Knit a Sweater for the Man
- Knit Wingspan Shawl
- 1 pair spat warmers (Christmas present)
- Woven Blocks Crochet Quilt
- Navajo Indian Multi-Color Afghan (Birthday gift)

- Room Shoes (Christmas gift)
- Amimono Kimono (for me!)

Project List Items (done)
- 33 squares for SIBOL
- 4 knit/crochet cloths for Mom (Christmas present)
- State Fair Afghan
- Dead Fish Hat (Birthday gift for DS)

Added Items (not started/in progress)
- Striped Granny Bag (Christmas present for Rabbit)
- Elite Syncopations

Added Items (done)
- Magic Square Potholder

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ruthmckeown said...

How wonderful to have those patterns and squares as a wonderful reminder and keepsake. I hope you can think of something to make that just joins your grandmas squares.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Coming across old vintage patterns can be really fun. I love to see pattern with my Mom's notes in the margin ... it's like a little visit :)

mary (nauget bluff) said...

I have some yarn from the 50's that belonged to a family member and I love browsing through the patterns from that time..It's been a while and I still can't choose a pattern for this stash..but's pretty ugly yarn!

hey..that should be a blog topic..what to do with awful yarn that you just can't part with!

Sara - momwithahook said...

I like looking through the old WorkBasket magazines. I like seeing your percentage of finished projects going up. :)

Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

What a great find, I hope you can find more grannys and maybe get a blanket from them. And your ripple sounds like a lot of work, but i bet it's worth it!

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