Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The State Fair

I promised a post showing different crafts at the State Fair - and here it is! I finally got some time to pull the pictures from my camera (yes, I still use a camera... I don't have a smart phone) and get them loaded to the computer. This will be a very image intense post so get ready!

Of course, the first picture is the beast-ghan with it's blue ribbon. The afghan above it looked like a log cabin type granny square and won third in the same category (crocheted in multiple pieces).

The granny square above mine was nicely done but I personally was not a huge fan of the color choice. But  that's just me - obviously I'm a bit more traditional. My blanket was all off-white.

These were two of my other favorites. One was done in filet crochet and the one above was a fisherman's type afghan but it was knit. I was really impressed with these two - they were NICE!

There were a couple afghans that were images like the American flag, which took second in its category, and the eagle (on the extreme top right of the image - sorry for the glare). They were nice but I think the construction of the flag and the size of the eagle were not working in their favor.

This is a picture of MORE blankets. The blanket in the middle, with the white ribbon, in my opinion should have won first in its category of crocheted in one piece BECAUSE it's tunisian crochet. This blanket was gorgeous and the stitching was phenominal. Not only do I think it should have won blue in its category, this should have been the division winner - yes, even beating out the beast-ghan. It should have got the rosette.

There were plenty of other crafts in the building too (these are only a FEW of my blanket pictures).

The image to the left is a double knit scarf made by Jane, a woman in my yarn group. I watched her do this piece and I have to say - it is stunning. And I was shocked to see she only got second with it. She missed first to a nicely knit lacy scarf - but I have to say, while the other scarf was nice, it wasn't the same. The complexity of what she did with this scarf far succeeded what the first place scarf had done as far as technique.

So, as far as what I saw - there were only two upsets - the tunisian crochet blanket and Jane's double knit scarf.

This was my favorite doily because I loved the color combination, size, and pattern.

A lovely shawl in blue. Loved the pattern on this one.

I have a LOT of other pictures but I don't think blogger could handle it *laughs*


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wow! there were a lot of pretty things!

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