Friday, November 18, 2011

Like a kid again...

I know I have touched base on the feelings of accomplishment crochet, or any craft for that matter, offers an individual. There is just something about the excitement of finishing a new object whether it be something for yourself, a family member, a friend, or someone else via donation or purchase.

I like the satisfaction of knowing I have done something with my time.

But there is something else that comes along with learning anything new - the excitement and joy of learning. Not through the satisfaction of knowing, but through the discovery of something new.

It almost makes me feel like a kid again. Perhaps this is why I continually put myself into situations where I have to learn something new. Could I possibly be addicted to this wonderful feeling?

This last Wednesday, as mentioned in my WIP Wednesday vlog, I have been working on an epic sock - a knitted sock. The story of the sock is a long one I believe I have already told; however, the short story is that I had the foot of a sock done and needed help doing a short-row heel. The best plan of attack, after my first attempt, was to take it to my yarn group and ask one of them to help me through it. Diane was more than willing to help, which is an exciting blog post all it's own.

She gathered her items and came and sat next to me, reading through my book and instructing my shaky hands on what they should be doing. I followed her instruction and the more we went row by row, the more sense it made. Things just "clicked" - and I swear, I felt as if I were 3 years old and first discovering the magic of an escalator. There was something there - something pure and fun about learning this. I know I clapped a couple times and was smiling ear to ear.

I know it must sound absolutely cheesey to anyone reading this post, but I really did feel like I had discovered something new and I was genuinely excited to know that I did it... that I finally did it - and it looked good!

Perhaps it seems insincere or fake, but I thanked Diane several times over for helping me through. Before I made it to the car, I had already texted the man and told him that I did it and that my sock was awesome. As I type out this message, I'm still pretty hyped up and excited to get to work on it more tonight. I cannot wait to slip it onto my foot - I'm thoroughly excited.

That is the beauty of crafting and the fiber arts - there will always be some new discovery waiting for me; a discovery that allows me to enjoy the simple and pure sense of joy that comes from learning something brand new.


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