Saturday, November 26, 2011

Almost Caught...

Last night, around midnight, when I knew my daughter slipped safely to slumber - I broke out a hook and yarn and began making her a sock monkey hat.

You see, my dear readers and friends, my daughter is seriously obsessed with sock monkeys. I don't know why - just that whenever she sees one, she wants it. She goes goo-goo eyed over it and I really don't know why. She loves them.

I have watched a few folks on YouTube vlogging about their projects, and it seems like the sock monkey always makes an appearance. Well - there is now one half made in my house. I think she's going to love it!

I got to working on it last night and was very excited to get the majority of the beanie done. I wasn't sure if it were long enough so I took a break knowing that my son and I both get up very early. She normally sleeps rather late. Boy - that girl can sleep.

Anywhoozles. I did go just far enough down and was ready for the ear flaps. I used my son as a model (again) to get them on appropriately. I was just finishing with the second flap when I heard the pitter patter of little girl feet coming down the hall. I grabbed it up and shoved it behind my back just as she walked into the room.

her new sleep mask
Now, I'm not sure if she saw the ball of yarn with the string going to behind my back. I'm going on the hope and assumption she was too drowsy to have noticed. She was still wearing her monkey-eye sleep mask, pushed up onto her forehead, and was wrapped in her pink princess comforter. She took a quick moment to say good morning before headed off to grab a bowl of cereal. When the last bit of her comforter train turned the corner to the kitchen, I grabbed the hat and ran to my craft room.

I'm sure that wasn't suspicious at all.

As she made her cereal - I finished the last row of the second ear flap. I called my son in to me and he tried the hat on.

YAY - it fits and the ear flaps look normal and fit a kid.

I'm glad I had those two close together; otherwise, I'd be without a similar size child to try things on as I go *laughs*

So the hat is sitting in the craft room on the foam head. I need to go around it twice in single crochet, make the face items (ears and mouth - gonna use buttons for the eyes, I think) and then put on the braided tassle.

And then get it into a box so my sleepy-faced gal won't see it until Christmas morning.


florencefrazier2002 said...

LOL  How cute!  I want to make a sweater for mine but don't know if I'm going to have the time.  Will have to wait and see.  Can't wait to see her in her hat on Christmas morning!

Cris said...

I was telling the man this morning that if I finish it early, I know I'm going to want to give it to her early. UGH - it really is looking cute though - I didn't think I'd get it done so fast!

florencefrazier2002 said...

LOL  I am like that too.  I can't wait to give someone a gift once I have it made

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