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Review: Sidewinder Dishcloth

Finished Dishcloth
I frequent Crochetville and noticed a new pattern posted by Heather who writes "The Good Life" blog. The pattern is called the Sidewinder Dischcloth.

I saw the pattern and remembered I had just purchased some 100% cotton on one of my recent trips to Michaels. The pattern is simple enough so I thought I would make the pattern and give it an honest review here.

I created my dishcloth using "Sugar 'n Cream" cotton yarn in the color "earth ombre." I used a size H hook, as recommended by the pattern.

The pattern says it is "Easy" and I could not agree more. My only comment here is to new crocheters - the pattern is simple using basic stitches; however, you may find the edging a bit awkward at first simply because you are working a single crochet in the stitch behind your hook rather than the stitch in front of your hook. This does not, in my opinion mean this pattern should be listed as intermediate. I think Heather was spot on in marking this pattern as easy - once the new crocheter works through the awkwardness of the edging, he or she will find that it is a simple edging that gives a great effect. Simply: don't give up just because it feels a little awkward - you can do it.

I have one other note specific to the new crocheter - it can be very easy to get a lopsided dishcloth by missing stitches at the end. The "hump" created by the slanted v-stitch can be deceptive and it is easily dropped when doing the single crochet row above it. Make sure you always have 29 stitches working and that you have 9 humps created by the slanted-v stitch row. You want your dishcloth to be square, not trapezoidal *smiles*

The primary stitches for the main part of this dishcloth is the single crochet (sc), ch (chain), and double crochet (dc). The actual pattern of the dishcloth repeats between 2 rows: a row of single crochet and a row of the slanted v-stitch. The pattern does not reference the slanted v-stitch, only walks you through it without calling it by name.

The pattern states that gauge is not important, and I do agree; however, if you crochet tighter, be sure to measure your width after the first few rows so you know approximately how far you should go. The pattern states make it about 8 inches tall in completed rows, but because I crochet so tightly, if I had gone 8 inches, I'd have a rectangle instead of something that resembles more of a square. My finished dishcloth was 7 1/4" x 7 1/4". I was highly impressed at how symmetrical the stitches worked out. I think this is fabulous planning on Heather's part.

Another benefit to my crocheting so tightly is that I did not use a full 2 ounces of the cotton yarn, which tends to be a wee bit more expensive. I will most likely be able to get a second dishcloth out of the same 2 ounce skein of cotton yarn.

I would definitely recommend this as a fast work-up pattern that is great for quick gifts. The stitch is nice and tight (few holes) so it makes a perfect dishcloth. I even gained a few ideas from the slanted-v on what other projects it would be ideal for.

I would like to take a bit of a side bar and say that there are more great patterns other than this one on Heather's blog - it's a definite "must follow" for anyone who crochets as a resource website.

The Good Life Blog
Sidewinder Dishcloth Pattern
Reversed Single Crochet Tutorial: coming soon

Quick Review Summary:
Great pattern - I'm making more!

I would give this pattern 4.5 balls of yarn out of 5.


Heather - The Good Life said...

You make a lot of good points. Thank you for your review. Have a nice day. Heather :-)

Heather said...

You make a lot of good points. Thank you for your review. Have a nice day. Heather :-)

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