Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary to the man who tolerates me

With divorce rates higher than they should be, I am pleased to take this non-crochet (somewhat) spot on my blog to say "Happy 14th Anniversary" to the man who tolerates me.

Yup - love is a wonderful thing but love cannot allow a person to remain blind their entire life. Eventually you will start noticing the flaws of your partner... and one of two things can happen: accept or reject, tolerate or irritate. In the 14 years of marriage, I can say that there are a few things I choose the negative on but they aren't deal breakers. But for the most part, I choose to fully accept the man and tolerate those little "eh" traits that may not be the most desirable. But ya know what - he tolerates mine too.

He tolerates:
- my inability to just stick with something and not do crazy stuff like go back to school on a whim to get a whole new degree that I may or may not use upon graduation but I like learning and it's worth going back to school just to learn *BIG BREATH*
- my tendency to talk a lot, out loud, to myself... to help make decisions and go in big circles until I finally come to a good decision only to follow it with "whatdya think? sound good?"
- a very very very very very large ... hmmm stash (?) of yarn and other craft related items
- my whimsical nature
- my never having enough time to clean the house because I'm busy being a student, worker, mother, wife, artist, crocheter, and who knows what else I find to fill my time
- my nagging nature when things don't seem to go my way all the time (yes, I can be difficult!)
- my asking him every night "what's for dinner" and never having any input of my own
- my gaming habit (although this has gotten TONS better *laughing*)
- my passion for new technology and fun things that cost money
- that one genre of music I genuinely enjoy but he seems to think is a bit melancholy
- did I mention my yarn stash?
- my seriously quirky sense of humor and inability to stop talking

Ya know, without asking him, I'm sure I could add on to the list 10 times over, but ya know what - there is no need.

Before anyone freaks out and says "oh good gracious, why would you be married to someone who *tolerates* you" ... the answer is simple: tolerance doesn't have to be a negative thing - it is a form of acceptance and love that I think many people in the world could stand to adopt into their day to day lives. He loves me no matter what - and that is what tolerance helps with. Nobody is perfect so tolerance is that little extra "umph" you get to help you move past any flaws and find the beauty within.

So... I take this moment to say "Thank you, my dearest husband, for 14 wonderful years and I look forward to many many more - through sickness and in health, richer and poorer (although we've nailed the poorer, let's try the richer part now hehehe), for better or for worse."


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