Saturday, September 06, 2014

Quiet Morning

This is actually the first blog post made from my cellular device. I'm a little hesitant mostly because I don't see where I can put in a picture. 

It's Saturday morning... both kids are up and actually in the same room but it is quiet as can be. All I can here is the downstairs shower. The Man must be up too.

I took a photo of the shawl I finished yesterday and even posted a vine of it. Vine... that's a new spot for me, now linked on the right; albeit I'm not so sure I'll be posting frequently there. My non-blog update spot remains Instagram.

Heck, I even posted on YouTube this morning. It's been 2 years since I last did that. This shawl is inspiring *laughs*

So what is on the menu today? No clue... last weekend I said nothing was going to happen and I ended up at a Cubs - Cards game with the man and our friends - complimentary tickets in hand. So who knows where the day will take me. I'm only sure that no matter where, I'll have some yarn with me.

PS: I figured out where to add the photo... but blogger app developers - why only 1 and why only at the bottom? *grrrrrrr*


Flo Frazier said...

It's beautiful Cris! My morning....actually afternoon is starting
slowly today. After a wedding and not getting to bed until 1 am I'm in
no hurry to get anything done. I really need to. My grass is almost
knee high, my house is a mess and there is so much to be done. Guess
we'll be working all afternoon and tomorrow as well. I hope you have a
good weekend.

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