Wednesday, March 06, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Whelp, here it is... we have moved into March (and definitely like a lion). It's just crazy how fast this year has gone by. I know years ago my dad said that the older you get, the faster it goes. It was hard to grasp when I was a kid because it seemed like forever until my birthday came... and forever until summer break... forever until Christmas.... so on and so forth.

But now, here I am, in my 30s and feeling the sentiment of my dad's words.

With that bit of randomness out of the way, here we are... Wednesday. I haven't done a WIP Wednesday post in a few so I figured why not. I have a couple things actively going (not the Navajo.. DOH!) so I figured I would share my progress in the creative images taken by the Man....

It may be 9:31pm, but it's still Wednesday!

My Wingspan
First up is my wingspan. I am still not getting into knitting this. Its just kinda... dry. Ya know - drier than what knitting normally is *laughs* The Man chose to use the new LensBaby lens to take the photo so it may seem a bit blurry at the edges - well, its supposed to be that way. I do think he's trying to figure out how to manually focus it, so yea....

I am on my 3rd triangle and like I said... its slow going.

I do like the yarn a lot although I admit, I'm a little worried that I won't have enough to make it long enough to wrap around me - no, that's not a dig because I'm overweight... I really am hoping to make it to the 8 triangles but in my mind am seriously doubting it. Even worse, I got the yarn on clearance at a yarn shop not very close to here. If I need more yarn, I'm going to have to go on an online hunt. I may have a post about that soon.. ya know - for all you expert yarn finders.

I basically put the wingspan on my bedside table... when I go to bed, I like to knit or crochet a bit before dozing off - it has become my bed project.

My daylight project has been socks. I told you I was bit by the sock bug... there is just something cool about making socks.

This is a standard pair of vanilla socks. There is no pattern on the foot but 10 rows after turning the heel, I started a 2,1 ribbing.

I really do like these socks a LOT. They are turning out very nicely and are super squishy.

As you can see by this photo, I'm pretty close to done. I have just the top of the second sock to finish off. I'd like to post this message and head over to the couch and do just that - finish them off.

I want to say I have around 18 rows left. Not too shabby.

Something you cannot tell with the picture above is that I *almost* got the stripes to line up. I really did want them to match up really nicely. While they are close, if you lay the sock down flat, as you can see with the sock that is still on the needles, there is an extra stripe around where the heel was turned. The other sock has the heel in pink with NO striping at the front side.


Oh well, I did try and it is pretty close.

 I was going to keep it down to just a couple pictures but the Man really is trying to improve his photography skills. While this shot isn't the best, I really like the affect from the LensBaby lens along with the perspective he chose for these socks.

Oh - and look - they are on the beast-ghan (which, in case you were wondering, is extremely warm and heavy.. its like sleeping under a big snuggley hug).

So there you have it. My WIP Wednesday.

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Elisabeth Andree said...

You are a multi project knitter:) All socks look great and I love the stripes!

SillyLittleLady said...

The socks look great and it's so nice of you to let your guy practice his photography with your knitting ;)

Cris said...

I'm so generous that way LOL I like tasking him to take pictures of things - so much better than doing it myself hahahaha

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