Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Crochet Clock

I finally did it. A while back I decided I wanted to try and crochet a clock - and I finally did it.

I have been 100% focused on finishing my State Fair project (the infamous blanket of doom, which shall soon be photographed and featured in a blog post) and have not been doing much of anything else. That makes for boring posts, which I have been so easily forgetting to do... and I hope to change that soon.

Anywhoozles, back to the purpose of this post...

The logic of making the clock was pretty simple - I needed some clock guts and some yarn - easy enough. I didn't really think the pattern through too much but as I got further and further in, I began to make some mental notes about how to make it better next time.

next time?

Yup - I have full intentions of doing this again... only better. I also have full intention of writing the pattern and posting it. I am not sure if it something I'd sell a pattern for, so we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

The above picture shows my completed decagon. I'd like to call it a circle, but its not - almost, but not quite. The image also shows the main number markers that I chose - a yarn circle. What the picture doesn't show is relative size. It is approximately 10" in diameter... I think. I didn't measure it but that's what I'd give it. Perhaps I can measure it when I write the pattern *laughs* of course I will...

I started the clock face on Monday night and did pretty well with progress. I'd say in total, I spent less than 3 or 4 hours crocheting the face and all the pieces.

And with a little construction skills, creative juices, and hot glue - this is my finished clock.

It now hangs in the bathroom, ticking away.

I'm thinking it'll be another couple weeks before I get the pattern worked up. Obviously - it'll be written as most of my patterns - with a basic framework built to create a solid piece BUT with enough encouragement to give you creative license with your own clock - to make it your own.


yarngirltiffy said...

i love this idea. i work with the elderly and currently have my own class to teacher with crochet items, and i thought this would be a great item to make with them, so thank you and i really do love the idea of ur increases and gives it a different feel. great job. looking forward to the patterns

CrochetBlogger said...

Love the clock, Cris! I'm absolutely infatuated with crochet clocks right now.

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