Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adding Links

I don't know if this is news worthy or not for the blog, but I have decided that it may be of interest to a few. I have decided to go back and add links to common post types or my blog projects. Some people may be new to the series and rather than searching for the posts, they can use the previous post link to read the previous in the series or the Project Introduction link to take you back to the beginning to read them in order.

Right now I have added these links to the bottom of the project series 12 for 12 Charitable Crochet and my Remembering Grandma series. I am going to try to get them onto my Year of Projects series (and get that going again... can't believe I've missed so many!) and some of the older series that I have done like the ABCs of Crochet.

Hopefully you all will find some use in this and let me know if there is anything else I can do with this new functionality to my posts.

As always, thank you for reading


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