Friday, March 16, 2012

FO Friday: March 16, 2012

A video update showing the things I've recently made.

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iYarny Chat Page:

iYarny Ravelry Page:

Pattern for Cabled Heart 6x6 Square:

Pattern for Ruffled Scarf:

Pattern for 12x12 Square:


florencefrazier2002 said...

I like your scarf and I really like the block you made for the baby blanket.  I will have to go to Ravelry and see if I can find the pattern for the block.  I enjoy your video's, it's like sitting at your table talking to you.  I will have to try to get on your IYarny group one Friday night.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Cris what is the name of the block you did for the baby blanket?  I looked on Ravelry and couldn't find it.

Cris said...

 Its linked below the video: Pattern for 12x12 Square:

Cris said...

 Thank you so much - I am glad that folks do enjoy the videos :) Sometimes I just feel like I'm sitting at the table talking to myself LOL (which technically... I am hehehe)

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