Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Ahhhhh WIP Wednesday, I have missed you so!

The last few weeks have landed me in quite a busy time with work, family, getting ready for school (me AND the kids), summer, and a host of other little things that always seem to creep up at the least opportune times. Oh well - that is life, right? If all of this wasn't happening, it wouldn't be much of a life, eh?

So a few days ago I gave you a peek into my WIP baskets and a project bag - I would hate to be repetitive on that .... so I won't. I have had one main project since the Thread Coaster Incident of 2011 (dramatic statement, much?) and that is the thread table runner.

I am working my way through the Lacet Table Runner - a vintage pattern by Cotton Spool Company circa 1935.

I have finished about 3 and a half inches and it is in a place now I call autopilot. I can easily work on the pattern, pick it up, put it down, without losing my place or count. It looks a bit scrunchy in the picture, but experience tells me it will look a lot better once it is blocked and on the table.

I'm a little concerned at the estimated time to complete. I've already put 5 hours into it and have 3 inches - so that tells me that each inch will take approximately .6 hours - which is faster than when I first started. Granted, I'm more comfortable with the pattern now and it's not like I'm creating the Mona Lisa in a table runner. So at .6 hours, I'm looking at approximately 47 hours instead of the originally estimated 230+ hours (things were slow in the beginning!) - I don't think that is a narrow enough range to be a good estimator, so I figure in the end, it will most likely take me 60 or 70 hours total. That's still crazy to think about.

I will say I kinda wish I had picked something a little more intricate. I'd like to get your opinion on this - do you think the runner is going to be too plain?

And in all of this, it seems I'm cutting my circulation off!

I do have proof. See!

Look at my finger - the red line is where the thread is going across. I'm pulling so tight so consistently that it's denting my flesh!

Crazy, huh?

Do your fingers get like this when you do thread crochet or do I have to learn to lighten up? *laughs*

What is really sad is that picture was taken a good 5 minutes into a break - which is when I noticed it. I have no idea what it looks like right after I stop crocheting. I'll have to keep an eye and if it is significantly worse, I'll take a picture and show you.

So that's what I have on the hook at the moment beyond a few other things you've already seen.

Thanks for taking a gander!
- Cris


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Tink said...

Have just been for a nose on Ravelry at the pattern, I think it's beautiful and will look fab once it's finished.

Cris said...

Thanks, Tink - I truly hope so! hehehe I just keep telling myself that it'll look better after blocked.

Natalie Howells said...

I always try and estimate my time to completion, and then realise I have dramatically miscalculated something (like when I worked out something should take 2 hours, thought it was a bit ambitious, then realised that it would actually be 20!)

Dutch Hollow said...

Ouch!  You're putting some crazy tension to get a mark like that.

Calophi said...

I actually like the table runner the way it is. This way you can put a vase in the middle of it and it won't be hiding the pretty edging. Plus all the stitches are even in the middle so nothing you set on it will go off balance.

shaden lecour said...

Ouch! I find that crochet can be pretty hard on the hands, you may need to find something to cover your finger with or a new way to hold the thread.

The table runner however is looking gorgeous. Hope you complete it sooner than you expect.

florencefrazier2002 said...

Hey Chris!  Your runner is looking good.  I don't get the line but I get stiff fingers because I hold my hands so stiff while trying to crochet with thread.  I can't wait to see the finished project!

Denise Seffens said...

Your runner is going to be beautiful.  I've done a ton of thread crochet over the years and never had a mark like that on my finger.  I've had an indention from the tiny crochet needles from holding them too tight. 

I would say you might ease up on your tension, but that would make for larger stitches on your current project. 

Kat said...

My index finger and thumb on my right hand have huge dents on them palmside from crocheting. Sometimes I have to put my hook down and go do something else for a little while. And depending on what I am crocheting I'll have the dent that you do.

I love what you're doing. Plain is good sometimes too. Although it could be plainer. The outside of it is not the same. I like it. Isn't it amazing how much time we put into things like that?

MindingMyOwnStitches said...

Looks very pretty. I've only tried thread crochet once, so my fingers are unscathed. That looks sore though!

Karen said...

OUCH! The table runner is really going to be lovely so it will be worth the pain. 

Carole said...

I think your project looks great.  I hold my yarn fairly tight over my finger and although I've never had a indent mark like yours I imagine if I was using thread I probably would.

Paula @ KnitandSeek said...

Your table runner is going to be gorgeous.  And it's so cool that it's a vintage pattern.  Personally, I like the simplicity of it.  Just don't accidentally amputate your finger, okay?

Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch said...

That's so pretty! Yes, I've had that sometimes with certain yarn when knitting.  Anyway, it'll be worth the mark as it's so nice :) 

RugbyMad said...

Never thought of a table runner.  If I didn't have two boys that use my diningroom table as a race track every now and then, it would work.  Maybe later in their lives.

Keep up the good crochet!

Chrisknitz said...

I cannot even imagine working on anything life that. Kudos for taking on the job!

erin said...

I've noticed something similar happening to my fingers with knitting - I think it was the particular yarn I was using, but it actually got so bad it started to hurt!

I love that table runner! Vintage patterns are so wonderful.

CrochetBlogger said...

Wow - if I thought of projects in terms of completion hours like that I'm not sure I'd work on anything!  :)

Yarnchanger said...

Your runner is great.  It is not to plain - it will be stunning and worth all the effort.

Rowe said...

that runner looks fantastic :D

Tanya Thomas said...

that pic of your finger made me laugh!  that's exactly how I felt when I first worked with lace weight yarn - my finger was getting severed! 

I don't think it's too plain at all, but I'd prefer something a bit more simple on the table.  And blocking will make it lovely! 

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