Saturday, August 27, 2011

Remember Grandma: Post 1

I have decided to share items out of the box I received from my mother. The box houses items my grandmother gathered shortly before her death. The emotions are hard to describe but there is something there that inspires me to share this experience with me.

Today I opened the box on my own terms. I wasn't looking for anything specific, only to begin removing some items and remembering long lost memories.
The first item I took from the box was a small jewelry box. In it was a silver charm bracelet adorned with horse related charms. There was a horse head, a horse shoe, and a covered wagon to name a few.

Not related to horses but in the same box, were for additional charms. Three of the charms were on the cardboard from original purchase. There were four states in all, Florida included. I'm guessing it was something my grandmother wanted to collect. She got a good start but soon forgot. Or perhaps the charms she was looking for were disconnected. I dunno.

Honestly, I'm not 100% sure why she would leave this for me other than I was the only grandchild that had horses and genuinely loved to be around horses. I think the state charms were just in the box - it was the horse theme she was looking at when deciding to put this item in a box especially for me.

The next item I pulled out was a rather yellowed organizer box. It had a lot of thread in it, mostly new. There was also a thimble inside. The most touching item in this box was the finger pin cushion.

I am not sure if Grandma made this thing or even if she used it (I never saw her use it) but for some reason she kept it in this box in its own little slot. Either someone gave it to her or she used it religiously (out of my sight)... and it got a special spot.

Well, Grandma can rest assured knowing that if she took care of it, even if I don't know the reason why, I'll take care of it too.

Anyone care to take a stab in the dark at what this is?

Hint: it is not craft related *laughs*

My Grandma and Grandpa *L-O-V-E-D* to travel. I don't know how old I was but I know I was very small when my Grandpa bought a Winnebago. They went everywhere. They loved to go to campgrounds and they belonged to various groups that focused on going places in the mini-home.

This little gem was her travel ashtray. She took this little treasure everywhere in that motor home. She never used it at home and quite frankly, I'm surprised it ever left the motor home. I'm not sure why she chose to give it to me considering I'm not a smoker, but for some reason she bestowed this memory-reminder to me.

The final item I'd like to share with you today is a pincushion, hand made by my grandmother. I'm not sure when she made it but I know I had never seen her use it. My mother confirmed she made it.

She took a can and did some simple adornments to it to come up with this adorable little pin cushion. I think I'm going to attempt to re-make it in my own style; however, Grandma's works just fine right now too.

I did think it a little cute at how old the pins in this cushion are. I left them in it and feel that those pins have lived a long life in that pincushion - who am I to come along and muck it up.

I have to say that other than the ash tray, the few items I have pulled from the box are not necessarily things I remember existing within my Grandmother's life. But I know they were hers and I know they meant something for her to want to give them to me. Perhaps the stories will slowly come together and one day I will know. Right now I am content knowing my Grandmother thought of me.

If you are not familiar with this series, please start with the introductory post located here.


vikki hooks said...

Hmm..the ashtray is kind of an odd thing to leave to someone..cherish the other things as she must have though of you when she put them in the box. 

CrochetBlogger said...

That travel ashtray is actually kind of adorable. :)

FoFo said...

How lovely!  It's nice to have reminders isn't it?

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