Monday, August 29, 2011

Q is for Queen

And that is exactly how the man made me feel today.

I admit I had a rough day at work. I came home and simply crashed. I wanted nothing to do with anything - only to kick my shoes off and breathe a moment.

He asked me to go see a picture in the guest room because he didn't know where he should hang it.

I said later.

He started playing around, trying to get me off the couch - and the more he pushed and pulled, the more like a marionette I became. Laughing, he pushed the couch to the hallway entrance and announced that's as far as he could get me. Begrudgingly, I finally went to the door and what did my little eyes behold - a new yarn stash organizing shelving unit!!!!!!

Apparently he bought it yesterday - I was not feeling well and napped while he and the kids went shopping. And this morning he put it together and even put my yarn in all the basket cubbies. I was totally surprised!

It's very exciting, to say the least. I was very surprised and felt very special that he would do something like that for me, especially as crabby as I was to him yesterday (again, I didn't feel very well although I acknowledge that is no reason to get crabby with people, especially your loved ones).

Then to top it off, we had to go shopping. He asked if I wanted to go out to dinner and had me believing that we were going to go to our favorite little Mexican restaurant - much to my surprise, he turned early and took me to my favorite Japanese hibatchi grill - a very nice place.

After filling me full of wonderful food, we went shopping for some new shirts for our son and was taken down the basket aisle to get a new, matching basket for my hooks and needles.

What a day... a completely, unexpected wonderful day - one fit for a yarn queen


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Napiligal said...

AHHHHHHHHH. I'm sure you deserved it. Buying the cubbies and putting it together is one thing, but putting your yarn in the cubbies is AMAZING. You've got a good one there!

Cris said...

I would have to agree :) I had to do a little re-orging of the yarn, but nothing like putting it all in. He did a great job. I was so happy :)

florencefrazier2002 said...

How sweet!  You are a lucky lady to have a man so wonderful!

LyndaGrace said...

The best "gift" is one in which the giver puts time and effort into; making it special specifically for the recipient.
And he knew just when you needed it the most.   

vikki hooks said...

AHHH!! How nice!!

CrochetBlogger said...

Yay! That is so sweet.

Kat said... sweet!  Good for you. :o)

Julie Tite said...

You know it's true love when they acknowledge and support your stash.

Kate said...

You have a wonderful man there. What a star!

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