Monday, January 11, 2010

Motivation Lost and Found

I am not sure where the fire came from this weekend but my fingers have not had a break since Friday returning home from the yarn store. My tunisian crochet scarf is laying next to my laptop even as I type this - taking a break to hit the WC and grab some chocolate milk. The funny thing is, it feels like I've been crankin' out the projects all weekend; however, I've only completed 2 scarves, a hat, a facial washcloth, and made decent progress on the scarf I'm using with the new crochet style.

In all of this, while it seems like I would have to have locked myself in a room away from all humanity - I did plenty of other things like going out to eat with the family, watching a couple movies with the family, played some games, and did some housecleaning. Yet I look around and I think "what in the world did I do this weekend?"

On that note, I do think I need to run a few more rows on the scarf - I have work in the morning and will have to return to reality here in about.. *checking clock* 6 hours.


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