Thursday, January 07, 2010


After having 2 days home with the children, working and casually getting things done, going back to work on a Thursday is a bit depressing. Of course, the 5ish inches of snow outside doesn't make things better. It is safe to say that focus was in short supply today.

With all of my mental power being spent on thoughts of crochet, it's no wonder I came up with (what I think will be) a great idea. It is a gift for my beloved husband for Valentine's day so I cannot say too much. He does occassionally read what I write and I don't want him to know. Granted, as soon as I can, I'll post pictures AND if it turns out as I'm thinking it will, I'll have a pattern.

I am beginning to think that coming up with these great new ideas is pretty much a cover-up for "gettin' my fix" with buying new yarn. Last week, I actually gave him the excuse of 'I have this awesome yarn but it just won't work on my hooks right... I need some bigger hooks' - all just to get back to the store for more yarn.

On a related note, I 'lost' another scarf again today. Sidestory is: I keep a box of items I make that I have nothing to do with. These make great gifts. Always handy to keep extra items on hand. So, after 'losing' my last scarf to my sister-in-law at Christmas and looking out the back door at 5ish inches of snow, I decided to dip into my goodie box and grab a scarf. I selected a white scarf made of worsted weight yarn crocheted using the puff stitch (one of my personal favorites). Oh so warm and toasty. At work, my coworker noticed it and said it was nice. I said it was one of my extras.... she admired it again, giving compliment to my work. I said thank you. I could see it in her eye - she liked it a lot. Soooo I offered it up to her. She said "she couldn't" and I said it was ok. She appeared to be thrilled to take it. Don't let it be said that I won't give anyone the shirt off my back... well, scarf at least.

So I came home without a scarf. My husband noticed... he and I both know its because of my addiction to buying yarn. I think unconsciously I'm setting myself up to give things away so I can get myself back into the craft store. It makes sense....

I saw a few crochet contests to from Red Heart and Lion Brand.. oh look - one more reason!


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