Sunday, September 07, 2014

Year of Projects 2014

A'right.. so I need to own up to my YOP 3 list and discuss my 2014 list.

First, let me say outright that I love the idea of a Year of Projects. I love numbers and I love analysis - tracking my work for a year is actually something I find really fun (don't judge) and I will keep doing it. Heck, I created a Pivotal Tracker for my yarny adventures - that is linked on the right if you wanted to check it out.

What I do/did not like is the YOP project group on Ravelry was split year... each year. It is a strange split for me so I made a decision to just cut the tie with that split and do an actual "year of projects" by year. I'm sure the group is ok with this - its just a different split, one that makes more sense to me.

But in order to make this split - I need to wrap up my previous YOP 3 listing. I did some clean up when coming up with the yop2014 listing, which is, of course, smaller since we are coming to a close of this year. Below is my list from YOP3 and where it stands as of now and if incomplete, if its being added to yop2014.

YOP3 List
- Navajo Diamonds Blanket - DONE!
- 10 pairs of socks - 7 of 10 DONE!
- Sweater for the Man - DONE!
- Spats for my daughter - not done
- Fingerless mitts - DONE!
- Scrap-ghan (did a Corner 2 Corner design) - DONE! 
- Knit a wearable for me - DONE!
- Summer Flies Shawl #2 - not done and not added to yop2014 list
- Summer Flies Shawl #1 - DONE!
- Lapghan for a gift - DONE!

YOP2014 List
- The remaining 3 pair of socks were added to this list
- Spats for my daughter
- Illusion Knit - new to this list, was not on YOP3 listing
- Lapghan #2 - new to this list

So in reality, outside of 3 pair of socks, a pair of spats, and the second Summer Flies shawl, I didn't do half bad on my YOP3 listing. I am hoping to have these done (with the exception of Summer Flies #2, which was completely dropped from the list) done by the end of the year along with the additional items on my 2014 list. Everything, excluding the lapghan, on the 2014 list are Christmas gifts, so I had better have them done by the end of the year *laughs*


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Ruth said...

If working January to December works better for you then I say go for it, you know we are not that militant on when your year has to run from and to, we are always more on the participation and encouraging end of it, for yop 3 you did awesomely well and I love your reason for needing your yop 4 done, the Xmas clock is ticking :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

You did awesome with your 2013 list. Lately little thoughts about how fast Christmas is coming have been creeping into my brain. Things like ... if a baby is due in December and if shipping can take 6-8 weeks then I really don't have much time. And ... if a Christmas novella is launched in November and it takes 6-8 weeks to print and finish the first 500 copies then I'm about out of time. ..


Anyhow, I'm posting as a guest through Discus so you can find me here:

Sandra Licher said...

I think you should do what works for you. Renee does it like that too. I love the Pivotal Tracker but I'm too cheap to pay for anything but like you I LOVE to plan and chart and organize sometimes to the point where I could have had the project done! LOL! But actually, I do forget things if I don't constantly remind myself and I am type A and a list maker and goal I need to move that to "achiever"! LOL! I use Outlook but I am still in the process of getting my YOP's over there and of course,,,the WIP's left over from the past years of YOP. But it is fun and I am so glad there is someone else out there who likes to organize her projects and you really get so much done. You go girl!

Lucy Bowen said...

I echo the others, timing doesn't really matter, I think we all like some organisation and the support of the group. I am quite certain you will get those presents done in time.

Cris said...

Pivotal is actually free if you choose to use it and let it be public. I don't put anything personal out there so - public is good with me. I'm an IT project manager (that's my actual job HA) so I use the tool at my job and find it completely worthwhile for my crafting. Like you - planning, scheduling, analyzing... its FUN! (some call it sick.. I say its fun hehe). I'm very glad to meet a fellow crafter that feels the same way :)

Cris said...

I miss the group - I got away from blogging and I realized the accountability of posting each Sunday really was a motivator on some level - if I have to tell you about it, then I am going to do something just so I'm not saying the same thing every week :)

Cris said...

I hopped on board with the original YOP1, 2 and 3 so trust me, I know its not bad at all :) For me, deviating from the expected norm, makes it a challenge. I'm *unique* that way ;) The only problem with using the Christmas clock is that there isn't much time left and I am looking at patterns thinking "ohhhhhh so-n-so would love this!" *face palm* I need to calm down on it and finish what I already have on the list :)

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