Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ahhhh ... knitting weather

I live in the Midwest and as any Midwesterner knows - the weather this year has been completely squirrely. Winter was bitter and crazy. Spring was really summer. Summer was spring at least for most of it then turned to summer quickly at the end of August. Autumn is starting out summer but quickly moving into autumn... and I like the idea of that!

I opened the door Monday morning to let the dog out and the bitter air just reached out and took me by surprise. Autumn, you see - is my favorite season. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, Halloween is on its way, and quite frankly, its inspiring for the fiber artist - a little chill in the air makes you want to knit up those socks, whip out a sweater, or sit in front of a fire with needles/hook in hand, working away at a blanking. Autumn is the absolute bestestestestest season.

So, since it was a bit chilly, I ended up wearing a couple bits of my hand knits.

The first are the socks I finished about 2 weeks ago. They are made with Kroy sock yarn which I picked up at Joann's. Large self stripping pattern - warm and cozy and grand.

Does anyone else have the same unhealthy passion I do for hand knit socks? Like ... the feeling that they are magical or like walking with little clouds of loved wrapped around your feet? No... just me? uhm... a'righty then.

The other hand knit I wore was a Kwoosh I finished earlier this year. I used a Crazy Zauberball for this one and adore how it came out.

This is me "modeling" it.

I admit - I am still learning about how to wear shawls shawlettes anything-around-my-neck neck scarfs. I think the only thing that slightly (if you can even use any qualifier at all) bummed me out on this one is the stripping started out in big sweeping sections and because the shawl is asymmetrical, the width grew which means the sweeping sections became distinct shorter rows of color changes. Obviously, I knew that was going to happen but I guess I thought I'd have a little bit more of the sweeping sections...

Oh well - still love it. *winks*


Sandra Licher said...

Chris.....wonderful projects and how do you like Pivotal? I just got my first tablet and saw it recommended. Is it expensive? Your kitty is so precious. In answer to your question, I did not realize I never put that blanket as a project on Ravelry. It's out there now with all the info about sorry! My rav id is saminar. If you have any questions just let me know. You're getting lots done! Talk to you Sunday!

Cris said...

I enjoy pivotal very much - I use it daily in my "real job" and was a natural move with my crafting. It is free as long as you leave it public. Once you want it to be private or you want to add a bunch of people to it, then it becomes paid. Of course, its just me and I don't care who sees my projects :) So free it is!

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