Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a baby can do...

A VERY old picture
My husband and I are done having children. We have raised three: two still in progress and one still showing up occassionally to eat and relax. My crafting usually revolves around charitable giving and gifts. I don't usually craft for myself outside of standard household items like washcloths, towel toppers, and apparently - clocks.

However, there is still something magical that happens to my crochet hooks when a baby is announced....

and boy do my hooks fly!

One of my co-workers took off in a hurry last week saying he had urgent business. And the next day, we had an announcement they had adopted a baby girl. How exciting! Amidst the chatter and smiles and giggles of a new member of our work family, of course - a baby shower is being planned. I have 2 weeks from today to get my baby crafting done.

Thankfully, I did recently purchase a book on baby cacoons. I actually looked for the book on Ravelry to share a link, and couldn't find it. Same for Amazon.... odd. I picked it up just a few weeks ago thinking they would be good gift ideas for a new baby. And it sure has!

In addition to the cacoon, I made a matching beret with pom-pom on top (per the pattern - I didn't make any of it up myself... other than doing the puff stitch wrong and finding a new way to start a puff stitch so it is more invisible).

Now, in order to use up the remainder of the baby yarn and some white baby yarn I had laying around, I'm going to make an afghan.

Once I have it all finished AND the gift has been given, I will post some photos.

In the meantime, I am going to do better about updating my blog. I have so many patterns to get done and posted too - dear oh dear :(

Note about today's image of the kids: This is a very old photo. Heck, even the dog's face is still brown (look at other pictures of Andrew... he is now all grey!). I couldn't find a non-personal photo of all three of the kids together so I chose this one... which is probably... hmmmm 6 years old but it was too cute to pass up. And yes, it was a photo shoot.

In fact, I think we had only had Andrew (the dog) a couple of weeks, month tops, when a friend had a photo-shoot party. So we headed out to her place. I thought it would be cute to do a farmer/country theme because our dog is probably the only real hound dog in the city.

Boy - they sure were happy to have a dog!


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