Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pattern Review: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

Finished June 24, 2012 (c) Cris
This post is a review of the pattern Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket created by Celeste Young. Celeste has made this pattern available through Ravelry so you must be a member to view the link.

Pattern Link: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

I was faced with needing to make a gift for a baby shower. Now, I admit - I haven't gone to a baby shower in quite some time and the last one I went to, I was asked to paint a picture of a giraffe. But - that has no place in today's review.

As I fumbled around Ravelry looking for the perfect pattern, I found Celeste Young's Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket pattern. It was free and the picture on the main pattern page was quite stunning.

Now, I'll admit, I was limited in color because I had already made a baby cocoon and matching beret, so I was looking for a way to use up my yarn. Because of this, I did change up the colors a bit and did not complete the suggested color changes in the pattern. But, what I do think, is that the pattern is forgiving as far as that is concerned - if you have 20 colors, you can easily change them up and the pattern isn't affected at all. I think that was another appealing aspect of the pattern listing on Ravelry - many pictures are posted and the colors are all different. People really used their imagination so I knew it would be a great pattern to use my own colors with.

The yarn that I had was Lion Brand Pound of Love in three different colors: white, pastel pink, and bubble gum.

I decided to start white and create a sunburst type pattern outward, hugging the gradually increasing thickness of dark pink with one row of light pink.

I think the outside picture above captures the colors more accurately but I wanted to show the entire star burst shape with the picture to the right.

I would like to say that I did this pattern and did not block it - the shape came out that good. This is due to Celeste's shells creating the points. now, I won't tell you what her pattern says, because that is why the pattern is at Ravelry - if you are curious... go look!

I did choose to modify the finishing row and only use a row of single crochet simply because I did not want a thick row. I felt that having a thick row at the end would make it look unfinished. Obviously, I didn't do a second blanket to test that theory, so I cannot hold my personal opinion against the review of the pattern.

I will say I was hoping it would be a faster crochet. The notes on the pattern state that its a "go to" pattern and works up quickly. I would say that I slightly disagree with this. It isn't slow, by no means, but I think the cocoon I made worked up much faster so while this pattern works up good and only takes a few days, it isn't something you would knock out in a couple of hours.... well, I couldn't - I'm sure there are plenty of other people out there that crochet MUCH faster than me.

With that said, I will say that this is a pattern I will do again. I'm already planning some colors for another to give as a Christmas present (oh family and friends that read this - could it be for you.... OHHH you don't know! could be! won't know till Christmas!). I really like that it laid flat 'out of the box' so to speak so I didn't have to hassle with blocking.

Because of all of this, I would have to give this pattern 4.5 balls of yarn on a scale of 5 balls of yarn.

I really like it and think it is going to make a wonderful present for my co-worker and his wife. Thank you for the wonderful pattern, Celeste!


florencefrazier2002 said...

Very pretty pattern.  I like what you did with your colors.  I've never tried ripples because when I was younger I couldn't get them right.  May have to give them another go now that I am more experienced.
Thanks for the review!

Cris said...

 I would honestly say to try a round ripple. Ripples (straight across) in my book can go very wrong at the ends. In the case of a round ripple - there is no end :)

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