Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crocheting for Your (my) Man

A not so clear photo of the man and our son
We are all (mostly) crocheters here, right? I think its time we had a serious conversation... especially with Father's Day looming.

So let's be frank - it is harder than heck to crochet for a man.

I can honestly say that I don't remember making anything for my dad as far as crochet goes. I know he appreciated the love and time it took to craft a gift, but crocheting - I don't think I did for him. Now that he's gone, I wish I had.... but no regrets, right?

As for the man.... It is hard to craft for him too. I have made him a scarf. I have made him a lapghan. But... while he uses both and genuinely appreciates that I made these things for him, he proclaims he only needs one. Why can't he have more than one scarf like me? I have yet to adventure into knitting socks for him simply because I know he'll want standard grey, no design... and probably, considering his history of statements - one pair only.

The Man and the Kiddos circa 2009
 So with Father's Day around the corner - have you given thought to what you are going to make, are making, or have made for that special dad in your life?

I got to looking around the internet (as many of you have already done) and put together a list of 10 ideas (some with patterns!) that can be crocheted for the dad in your life. I admit, most of these are things that would be interesting for the man.... since I am pretty much on a hunt for something I can finish this week (read as: no aprons, blankets, sweaters, or socks will be made) And since we all know the man doesn't want another scarf/hat set and he has already got "a great lapghan" - those items won't be on the list - but I did link to the lapghan pattern I created for him above.... in case you wanted to give it a whirl.

(Some may not have links - simply because I either already have a pattern that I wrote that I have not published on this site OR I didn't find a pattern I liked and will make my own)

Love my iPad Cover
Ok - this one looks good... it has good potential - but I must admit, he was looking for something more reinforced to protect his tablet. I may have to come up with something unique, but I doubt I can compete with and their awesome tablet covers.

Gopher Golf Club Cover

The Man and Squirt ~2011
 Alright - this one is funny. While I know I won't finish this one in a week, I do have Christmas to think about. I know he'd use it and I know it would make him smile - two qualities I like to have in any gift I give.

Golf Club Covers
I know there is no way that I'd be able to finish the gopher club cover in the short time frame that I have, especially with a baby shower on the horizon AND being at the end of my state fair project (picture coming soon!). I know Lion Brand has an interesting pattern on their site (read as: I will not make it in those colors.... nor will I put the numbers on them). Since they require you to login, I can't directly link to them. Just know - they are there.

A Bookmark
Honestly, up until the last 3 weeks I would not have considered making the man a bookmark simply because he was not a reader. He would read newspapers and magazine articles - but mostly online... on his tablet or iPod. What changed is the man has gone back to school (and I'm very proud of him for that). Now he has text books and other reference manuals he needs to keep his place in. I hate to put a link to one specific bookmark simply because they work up quick and I could make a lot of them between now and Father's Day. What I will link to is a huge list of bookmarks listed on Crochet Pattern Central. I personally enjoy making a plain book thong with beads at the top and bottom for weight - having wooden beads makes it more masculine too! Another cute idea was a tie shaped bookmark, found here.

A Travel Bag
So, I have seen a lot of make-up bags and I was thinking that I could do something in a tight stitch and put a zipper in it... and then fill it with disposable razors, some travel sized deoderant, a manicure kit (don't tell him I called it that), and perhaps some other man-gadgets used for male hygiene. I looked for some patterns but didn't see anything but I did see several frilly makeup bags I think have a good shape - so I will take inspiration from the shape but change the stitches and the color for something more masculine. If I do this one, it will be a pattern that will be posted here.

Remote Control Holder
Now, the only reason I'm putting this in here isn't that I'm going to make it. In fact, i doubt I would ever make this item in crochet... or at all for that matter. I'm putting it on here because I know HE would enjoy it - I don't want it hanging on my furniture. I could see it just dangling there, the dog sniffing on it, the kids putting candy wrappers in it.... I like the idea of it - so perhaps I could modify it to work in his car - but I also know I would want to line it to prevent pencils from poking through. Still an interesting idea for someone else. I know they broke the pattern down into weeks (it must have been a CAL), but I think that what they have is doable in 6 days.

A Man's Man Oven Mitt
I do most of the cooking during the week (which half ends up being ordered out) but a couple nights out of the week the man will cook - and even better... he'll GRILL! (he makes the most mouth-watering food on the grill... too bad I don't have the ability to share taste on the blog... granted, that means there'd have to be left overs and that just doesn't happen when he grills). I am thinking that a nice oven mitt would be good but it would have to be masculine in colors and thick enough to handle hot plates and stuff. I think of all the ideas, this may be the least functional for him since grilling doesn't usually involve pans... and I would like to keep him grilling (although his baked pork chops are fantastic too) *laughs*

Anyone who knows the man knows he's not really a slippers kinda guy, but for some reason, I have wanted to make him slippers. I think now that we have a finished basement, he would appreciate them because it still gets a little cold down there. Perhaps if he wanted to relax downstairs and watch some TV, he could use some slippers. I don't know but I figured this might be the time to whip out this type of gift.

Magnetic Pocket Watch
I seriously found this one on a fluke and really think its cute. Granted, because I think it is cute may be the very reason NOT to make it for the man. But its a functional "pocket watch" where the watch parts (excluding the time piece) is crocheted. You attach magents to the back and put it on the fridge. NOW - why I think the man would like this is that I could possibly do a larger version and not make it magnetic. He could use it down in the activity room with his weight bench. I believe as long as it has a second hand, he is good to go with it - and if its large enough, then he can having a nice hanging time piece to reference while he is getting his workout in.

Breakfast in Bed
me 'n the man circa 2010
This one isn't crocheted or knitted... in fact, it has NOTHING to do with yarn (I know, right!) - but as always, I will be making the man breakfast in bed - usually scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes... and a glass of chocolate milk.
I hope you all have planned to do something special for the dad in your life. Being a dad is way more than just fathering a child - and I know the man is definitely a great dad and I can't wait to celebrate his special day with him.


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