Sunday, March 25, 2012

Charitable Crochet: 12 for 12 Post #6

Today is my scheduled post in the 12 for 12 Project set up by Kathryn over at Crochet Concupiscence. Click on the link if you are interested in reading more about the project.

The premise of the project is to make 12 separate donations, one to each of 12 different charitable organizations of your choice.

And this .....*queue Law and Order music* ..... is my update.

Overall Progress: 1 / 12 donations made. Read on for more details.

OK - this is my sixth post in the 12 for 12 Project.

1. Knitted Knockers
Website Link
My Pattern

Made 4 / Donated 0

2. Special Olympics Scarf Project
Website Link
Whelp - I made a huge mistake. In fact, its so dumb a mistake, that I can't believe I'm admitting it. *frowns*

I finished the 2 scarves in February with intent to find a state with a March deadline and send it. Whelp - I waited and my procrastination took me right passed the last deadline date. I sat down on March 12 and had some time. I had even purchased a big ole envelope to mail off the scarves.... but alas, the last date was March 5th.

I absolutely cannot believe I did this. So now I have 2 red/blue scarves sitting here and the weather is in the 70s so donating them to the Salvation Army is pretty much out of question right now too.

I feel like such a heel. :/

Made 2 / Donated 0

3. Sunshine International Blankets of Love (SIBOL)
Website Link

Squares Made 23 / Squares Donated 0

4. Hooked on a Cause
Website Link

Hats Made 0 / Hats Donated 0
Squares Made 0 /  Squares Donated 0

5. Local Animal Shelter(s)

Beds Made 4 / Beds Donated 4

Locations Receiving Donations:
Local APL (Animal Protective League) - 4

6. [to be determined]

7. [to be determined]

8. [to be determined]

9. [to be determined]

10. [to be determined]


CrochetBlogger said...

Aw, that's too bad about the deadline. But it happens. I'm sure that the scarves would be appreciated by another organization. :)

Where the heck has March gone? I feel like I haven't chatted with you in forever!

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