Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unexpected Compliments

On Monday morning, as I was walking into work, I got a compliment out of no where that took me back a bit and flattered me at the same time. I thought to myself "hey, why not share this on your blog" ... so here I am doing so.

Where I work I must cross a VERY busy intersection from where I park to the building. Sadly, it is not a safe intersection the closer to 8am you get because everyone is out trying to get to work. We have had people get hit (all were ok), but still - it is a very scary place to cross. Because of this, as I crossed the intersection on Monday, a gentleman was walking with me and he made a joke about the cars stopping and I retorted with "that is my little prayer every morning" - we both smiled and I thought we would just keep walking in silence, must like we had before the intersection.

Well - he actually spoke up and said "that is a very interesting little purse you have there."

It was the wristlet pattern I am working on (pictured). I haven't worked another one up since the first one BUT I am in training all week at work so I figured it would be good to have. Its small, out of the way, and holds exactly what I need.

I humbly said "thank you" and again, he spoke and asked "is that yarn or material?" I responded that it was yarn. I made it myself. And he smiled and said "That is really nice - and it's one of a kind!" and then he broke off on another sidewalk towards the building.

I was a little surprised that he said anything - I admit I stereotyped him for this. He was an older male who works in a technical position. Why would he care? I don't know - but he sure made my day with his compliment! It was very sweet of him.

Later that day, my friend who is in the training course with me was saying she was cold SO on our lunch break, I brought back my massive shamrock shawl. She wrapped up in it with a huge smile. I knew it would be toasty warm for her - and at the afternoon break, I overheard her telling someone how amazing and warm the shawl was, how pretty it was, and that I made it. She was so flattering of my work that I think I may have gotten a little red in the cheeks.

Today was just a day of unexpected things - and I must admit, it was nice. I hear horror stories of how hand-crafted items have been given away only to be unappreciated in some way or another. I can't think of anything like that happening to me, but I can say that I have a lot of items that I have no idea what happened to. But that's the nature of the beast. I wouldn't follow someone around if I got them a blender from Wal-mart so why would I breathe down their neck if I gave them a scarf? (technically I wouldn't be able to if they were wearing the scarf *laughing*) Obviously, I don't even have an opportunity to ask about items that I have donated to various charities, nor would I.

But I guess it is nice to hear something positive about your work - that it is noticed and enjoyed be it for aesthetic purposes or for function (both is even better *laughs*)

So I ask you, reader, what was the last compliment you have gotten regarding your hand-crafted items?


Calophi said...

I wear shawls to work all the time because most of my dresses are sleeveless, and that's generally when I will get a compliment.  There's a really simple scarf I made that gets compliments in the winter, too. :)

florencefrazier2002 said...

I think that is wonderful!!  I'm so happy for you to have had your work appreciated!  I have been on the receiving end of unappreciated work and it's not fun.  I recently made a blanket for a friends second grandchild and I got several compliments and the person that received the gift loved it!  That's why I continue to make things. 

A person I worked with once asked me if I ever hear from the people at the cancer center about all the hats I make.  I don't but you know what, it's ok.  That's not why I do it.  The Lord called me to make hats and give them away I don't want recognition for what I do, the glory should be given to Him.

I do enjoy having others appreciate my work though.

CrochetConcupiscence said...

Lovely stories about your work being appreciated! Thanks for sharing.

Pearlin J said...

Lovely story! Who doesn't like compliments :)) I like both the purse and shawl too

Sandycrochet said...

Nice...glad you had such a good day and I agree it's nice to know people admire what you do.  since I always have knitting or crocheting at work with me for lunch etc, people always see and admire my work.  And I do like it.  I donate most of what I make and so normally there is no feedback, nor do I expect it; as someone else said that's not why you give.  Thanks for sharing your story and nice day, we can all enjoy it that way.

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