Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Missin' It

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 I am not known for making two blog posts in a single day, but considering the other post was more of an announcement, I figured I could allow myself this one time to post twice in a day.... because honestly, I am sitting at work missing my hooks and needles. I have never done that before... I have thought about crochet, but not really *missed* it.

I never realized how much I missed crochet until I moved. Obviously, in the last 30 years of learning to crochet, I have had up and down times, taking breaks and sometimes full vacations from crafting; however, for some reason the move really made me miss it. I went a good 5 days without doing anything related to crafting. I seriously missed it. I even dreamed about it a couple times. I'm thinking this happened because it was not a hiatus taken on my own terms.

Since having things remotely in place (excluding about 30 boxes in the guest room and 3 more trips from the old house *laughs*), I have gotten back on the crafting wagon and have relished every moment. I started a pattern for my Year of Projects, modified it to be more my own after realizing the original pattern wasn't fitting my needs, and am about 1/4 of the way done in two days... and for a knitted project, that's insane for me. I'll share some pictures of it tomorrow for WIP Wednesday.

While I may not be crazy about how the wool is working into the scarf I'm making, I will say that my knitting is speeding up a little (I'm still considered a n00b in the knit department). I also am figuring out how to do continental style knitting. I could kinda do it with a knit, but when it came to purling, I was an epic fail... until yesterday!

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I have also come up with a few house projects I want to complete. I need to make covers for the backs of the dining room chairs so they don't hit the wall (small area, don't ask... I'll put up some pictures soon), I need to do the table runner, I have to figure out something for our shower in the basement, and I now need to make a runner/cover for the half wall that is now torn up a bit because I wanted my couch more than the pretty little slats on the half way (another don't ask moment - I'll blog the story when I get the cover done *laughs*)

I'm truly excited to be crafting again. I'm thrilled to have my hooks in hand and even more thrilled to have increased my options by giving knitting another chance (and the faster my knitting goes, the more I'm willing to take up knitting projects). I bought some remnant material at the fabric store so I can even start using my now permanently placed sewing machine (before I had to take it out and put it away for every use).  I even found myself thinking about the drop spindle I bought a couple months ago.... perhaps it is time to spin a little.

Needless to say... I can't wait to get home tonight. I'm going to put claw covers on the cat (don't ask... I'll take pictures of my wounds for you), plow through dinner, cleanup, and housework, perhaps run a mile - and settle in for a long night of hooking.

Enjoy your day, readers!

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CrochetConcupiscence said...

Terrific that you're feeling such an enthusiasm and passion for crafting. And it's nice that you have added additional crafting options to your repertoire recently (meaning knitting) to take full advantage of that enthusiasm!

Keri said...

Cris, be watching for an email from me. I want to get a kick start on my blog review for Hookin' Up! :)
Keri/KinnicCrochet/KinnicChick from Yarn Dharma...

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