Saturday, February 09, 2013

I Want This Yarn... have you used it?

I know I have briefly mentioned a recent trip to a nice yarn store with several of my yarn group friends - a mini yarn crawl, if you will.

While at this yarn store, I saw this yarn.... and I want it.

I really really REALLY want this yarn.

So I want to ask you all: have you used it? what did you think of it?

It was a rather pricey yarn, as far as my budget is concerned, so any input prior to my purchasing this yarn would be helpful. I know that one of my friends purchased this yarn in the purple gem-stone type colorway shown on the right - I want the browns/greys.


Keri said...

Have you looked up projects that use the yarn on Rav? There may be comments there that could be helpful.

Cris said...

I'm going to call myself "DUMBBBBBBB" right now *laughs* I was just on Rav last night looking up and eyeballing projects made with another type of yarn I had purchased at the same store that the one I wanted was on *face palm* - thank you for the reminder HAHA!

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