Friday, June 29, 2012

Pattern Review: Yellow Puffs Baby Cocoon and Beret

This is a review for a pattern found inside the Leisure Arts book called "Dreamy Cocoons." This is not a pattern I can link to directly and I can only link to Amazon because it is a book you have to buy.

Here is a link to the pattern book on Amazon.

The pattern that I chose is called Yellow Puffs and starts on page 18. The pattern itself was meant for 0-3 month old babies and was suggested to be done in yellow. If you go to the Amazon link and look at the "back cover" image, you will see the yellow cocoon, which was the one I chose to do.

In the spirit of how well I've always followed patterns, I did it in pink with a dark pink trim.

I have to admit, this was a pretty quick crochet but only because about halfway through, I realized that I was only yarning over 2 times to create the puff instead of 3. DOH! I considered pulling it out and starting over, but considering my time crunch and the thought that the yarn I was using was a little thinner than what was suggested, I went with it - and I'm glad I did.

I personally think that it looks closer to the picture having not done as many yarn overs for the puff. They are smaller and more dainty, which to me is a better look.

All in all, I would say it took me 3-4 hours to finish both the cocoon and the beret. I ended up coming out close on gauge although I have to say, I don't think this cocoon, as written in the book, is for 0-3 months. It definitely leans closer to 3-6 months. You may say "well, Cris - its because of your yarn change and hook change and even the change to how you did the puff stuff" ... and to you I say... I own a measuring tape.

My cocoon was 1 inch longer than the final measurements shown on the pattern, which with length, it really isn't an issue. What is different is that my circumference at the top is 1/2 inch smaller than what the pattern says will be the final outcome - so mine is smaller and STILL looks too big. That means had I completely hit gauge, I'd have something much larger than I do already. Even the beret looks big.

That's a bit disappointing excluding the fact that I did make a baby cocoon for a baby born in June, so the fact its larger means she won't start using it until September (3 months mark) and that would be perfect weather for it. So - that's a saving grace, I suppose.

Just like I am good at taking yarn and color suggestions, I didn't edge it the way the pattern said. Ya know - I just don't like reverse single crochet on most things so I tend to not use it. And, of course, this pattern asked for reverse single around the edge of the cocoon and the beret. I ended up using my favorite ch1-sl edging. I do think that if I were making this for a boy, I would go with the reverse single crochet.

Something I did find is that there is a better way to join puff stitches in the round so they don't stick out. I did not use my method on the cocoon and I can clearly see the leaning tower of pisa.. I mean - the seam. I used my method on the beret and its practically invisible. I would have expected a published pattern, one I paid for, to use a better join method to be more seamless rather than a standard join that is more obvious than.. well, the seam I got on my cocoon. I don't think the new parents will notice, but I do and it bugs me. I really think that if the designer of the yellow puff pattern had spent a few more days looking at it, they would have found a more seamless join.

The book itself cost 9.95 from Hobby Lobby and I probably would not have bought it if I hadn't found it on sale. I do like that all the pictures are in full color (and there are some pretty darn cute babies to look at).

Now, considering I have not made any of the patterns in the book, I can't rate the book, but I can rate the Yellow Puff pattern inside the book as a 3 ball of yarn out of 5 kinda pattern.

I would make it again but with the modifications I mentioned above. I would not make it to pattern in the future and it makes me think that I will be modifying some of the other patterns inside it as well. I think what these patterns have going for them is they are "trendy" right now to make, they are relatively quick, and the general structure of each remains the same - so its easy to switch them up on your own if you are an intermediate to advanced crocheter.


florencefrazier2002 said...

Thanks for the review!  I've been asked to do cocoons before but I am just not into them.  

How are you doing by the way, I haven't chatted with you in a while.  How is your summer going?  How's the job?  

Have a great week!

educate79 said...

I am trying to do this pattern for my baby girl who will be here in april. :) I am by no means a beginning crocheter. I have been crocheting for years. However this pattern leaves me very frustrated. I just can't get it going. I am taking about the first 2 rows. Where it calls for 24 sts in the 2nd row, I either end up with 18 or 30. And in the 3rd row forget it. I either have too many or too few. Did you have a problem with this? I can't understand for the life of me what I am doing wrong.


Cris said...

The yellow puffs one? I didn't have a problem with it... You do your 11dc and ch start for Row 1 ok (assuming), For Row 2, you work the puff stitch in between the posts of row 1, not in the actual stitch. On page 34 of the book, it shows you what that means. Then you do a dc in the next dc (it will feel kinda squished) - basically you dc into the dc stitch from Row 1 and then put a puff stitch between the DCs, so in total, you will have 12 dcs (all worked into the dc's from previous row) AND puff stitches between the posts.

Let me know if this makes sense or not. If anything I can do a quick tutorial on getting the pattern started.

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