Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Losing a Charitable Cause

I received an email notification just the other day from the Special Olympic Scarf project. For those of you who know me, you know I make scarves and send them off for this charity - I have done it a couple times and enjoy it. Scarves are one of my more favorite things to make and couple that with a good cause - and it is always an enjoyable crochet project.

I have to admit, I was excited when I saw the post because I thought I was going to find out the new colors... but that wasn't the case.

Sadly, this notification contained bad news for me (and apparently thousands of others) - there would be no 2013 scarf project. Apparently, the response was so great from the previous year that there is an abundance of scarves that will be reused for the 2013 Special Olympics.

I suppose the news isn't all bad though - there are that many people crafting for the cause. That many people care... so many in fact that in one year they gathered enough scarves to last two years.

But I still feel this place in my heart - a place that is now empty. This project was a guarantee for me, so I guess I need to replace it with another.

Do you have any favorite charities that specifically request scarves? Let me know in the comments!

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CrochetBlogger said...

That's a bummer! I missed doing a donation for them this year but had done one last year and had every intention of doing one again.

An alternative charity might be Wrapped in Hugs which gives wraps to organ donor families. They mention on their site that there is also some type of similar donation option for the Transplant Games (the Olympics for transplant patients).

I'm really happy to see at least that you're still actively making things for donation ... I've gotten so sidetracked with that on this end!

Cris said...

Well... "active" is a relative term *laughs* I have been working primarily on my state fair project and have a couple other side things that MUST bed one this weekend.

katie b said...

 I crochet items for Bridge and Beyond which provides items to the homeless in Ohio.  Scarves, hats, afghans, mittens, and many other items are accepted.

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