Thursday, March 01, 2012

skyrim dog copyright banana numbers what?!?!?!

I have mentioned briefly in a video I posted on YouTube (subscribe if you haven't... I sometimes ramble about good crochet related topics and show off yummy yarn and projects) about having a giveaway to celebrate my first Google Adsense payout. Personally, I would love to one with every payout as a thank you for getting the payout (ya know, clicking on ads, watching YT videos, etc) - I only receive the money because I have people viewing my content and checking things out. So - why should I be the only person to benefit from the check? Anywhoozles, I'll be a bit more in depth with that when I do the giveaway.

BUT the purpose of this post isn't to talk about the giveaway....

The purpose is to give you all the same "what in the...." and *LOL* that I got when I was doing a search.

Right now I'm trying to figure out a good prize for the giveaway. Not all my followers on YouTube are yarnies so I have to accommodate for that. Now, while I have said something about doing a giveaway in a YouTube video, my blog readers are the first to find out that I am thinking of giving away a $25 prepaid Visa credit card. But my question to my nonU.S. readers is this - is a prepaid Visa card something you can use? Are they valid in Canada? Australia? if not... what is?

I was going to keep it a secret so I thought I'd go out and do a Google search. Good ole Google.

As anyone who Googles knows - as you type, common search options are filled in for you. You can either keep typing or pick one that fits your search.

I typed in the word can and was presented with the following options:

How in the world are these common search terms? Ok... the dog questions and maybe the styrofoam in the microwave question.... can I run it? Run what???? crack what? .... I don't know - but I'll let you read through them and laugh/scratch your head.

Anywhoozles, as proof I was not looking for information about the skyrim, the search information that was there from a previous search shows I was looking for information about gift cards and prepaid cards being used outside of the US.

I still got a good laugh though.


vikki hooks said...

I could see my husband asking the skyrim question..He played that game for hours..Thanks for the laugh

Kat said...

Wow....from one extreme to another huh? :o)

Cris said...

 its a game? OHHHH hahahahahahahaha

Cris said...

 No doubt!

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