Friday, March 02, 2012


These are not edible, Rob. (image (c)
So, I'm just sitting here checking a few of my crochet-related web favorites, preparing for a night of manic, ninja-esque crochet in an effort to finish some more squares for the big afghan I'm working on (you know the one - the one I'm not taking pictures of yet).

My friend, Rob, stopped by for a visit. We talked about our days, a few different topics here and there....

As he gets his laptop out and I am surfing around on mine, it was only  natural the topic of my blog arose.

And he says "I think your blog was a bit inappropriate" - or something like that. I responded with a very surprised and shocked: wha-wha-whaaaat?

He goes on to say it was inappropriate to refer to yarn as 'delicious' - he didn't see how it was delicious. Basically - wrong adjective. Of course, I am defending my stance that yarn is, in fact, yummy and delicious when he says:

"Do we need to review the list of edibles and non-edibles again?"


These are edible, Rob.
Just know, dear readers, you will see my adjectives change - ebb and flow if you will, between the ridiculous food adjectives to very strict, yarn-distinct adjectives like "non-edible Red Heart." I have not gone insane, I am only poking fun at my friend.

And now - I'm going to crochet some lovely, antique white, scrummy yarn into some intricate, sugary-sweet squares using a very metalic, non-edible size J crochet hook.

(NOTE: Rob was kidding with his statement of inappropriateness - he just doesn't understand yarn the way I do.... yummy, yummy, delicious yarn. He was truly kidding and being sarcastic - which is why I will definitely be having fun with my adjectives in the very near future.)


Bonhomie7 said...

I happen to think that naps are delicious!

Cris said...

yes... yes they are!

florencefrazier2002 said...

Non-yarnies just don't getg it do they?

Cris said...

 not really, no LOL

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