Wednesday, September 07, 2011

R is for Regretsy

I have a few guilty pleasures in this life - things I enjoy, I truly enjoy, but prefer not to admit to the public simply because it's either 1) abnormal, 2) an oddity, 3) too immature, 4) gross, or 3) just plain weird. In some realms these three words are used interchangeably; however, for me, they are very distinct words, while similar, not exactly the same. As it stands, to me, my guilty pleasures are pretty stupid and there is no reason why I should tuck them away as secretive. Don't worry - none are illegal (that I know of *laughs*)

You want an example now, yes? Ok - this is a strange guilty pleasure. I love Beyonce's song "Single Ladies" - BUT I only want to see the video if it is some weird video on YouTube - such as the one of Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live, Cubby dancing away, or the clown lady. I have no use for the original video. I want to laugh when I hear the song. Odd, eh?

This blog really started out weird.... *reading up*

eh... I'll leave it.

So moving on,  you all know I like to keep this blog craft related so I am going to talk about one of my other guilty pleasures that starts with an R and is craft related:

There is just something about April Winchell and her ability to point out some, of what I agree to be, epic crafting fails. If you haven't been to Regretsy, know that her language is very strong and her opinions made very clear. I personally find her to be extremely funny with my "Compare and Save" posts probably being the funniest.

The focus of the website is going through Etsy, which most of us know is a very popular ebay-like website for crafters, sellers of craft materials, and sellers of vintage items. But there is a big problem on etsy with re-salers and to be honest - a lot of crap.

I don't know what it is about the website that just keeps me going back for more. Obviously some posts don't do anything for me, but if you go through one or two pages (barring you are not easily offended by cursing, focus on half naked men, male underwear, and crafted female genitalia), you'll find something that makes you roar with laughter.

Or at least I know I do :)

*pops back over to the website*

Oh Regretsy, you never fail me.


This post is part of the ABCs with the Accidental Knitter meme. The Ravelry post is here if you are interested in reading other posts or would like to join in yourself!


Natalie Howells said...

Heh, I love regretsy (bizarrely, I actually have it open in another tab while doing some blog reading!)

Tecrin said...

I love Regretsy! It combines my favourite hobbies: crafting and making fun of people that deserve it. It's been recycling a lot of posts lately (or should I say 'upcycle'? hahaha) which is somewhat of a shame, but there have been some epic posts that provided some great reading material for a dull afternoon :P

I follow it on Facebook as well, and what strikes me as odd but at the same time as awesome is that it has a giant follower base,the most vocal of which are as foul-mouthed and to-the-point as April herself, but they have done some amazing things so far for Etsy sellers that do deserve the attention (for instance, I remember someone that lost her child and couldn't afford a tombstone and tried to sell some things through Etsy to raise the money, the Regretsy army swooped in and bought every last item!)

florencefrazier2002 said...

I've not been there but I have seen the crafted female anatomy and didn't care for it so I think I'll skip it.

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