Thursday, September 29, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the bank...

Ok - not really the bank.... and I wasn't really going anywhere, but I thought it was silly nonetheless.

With my stated time crunch and Christmas creeping up on us rather quickly now, I am having to find time to crochet and knit outside of my normal. One obvious time is my lunch hour at work. A small project is easy enough to take upstairs to the cafeteria, sit with after eating and make a little headway.

I have mentioned it before, but not too recently for newer readers to know, I work in IT... information technology. I'm a bit of a nerd (read as: super geek) and the people I tend to eat with are similar in nature (read as: way nerdier than me). They also tend to be male, excluding a few other females that join the group. On Monday, I walked up and it was just 3 of the guys. I politely asked to sit there, they laughed, kicked the chair out for me and continued their joking. I put my project basket (the one pictured to the right) on the table and sat my sandwich down next to it. The scarf pictured was rolled up and shoved into the basket.

About 20 minutes later, one of the gents who was there originally, looks over and proclaims loudly "what is that?" I look around, thinking he was talking to one of the people who sat down after me - perhaps wondering what they were eating. He gets louder and points - he points straight at my basket. Everyone got a laugh with the statement "a opossum" - I thought that was funny myself. I said it was my knitting, I was working on a Christmas present.

Whelp, if that wasn't funny enough - when I finished my sandwich, I pulled the scarf out and all IT eyes were on me... well, the original 3 guys - everyone else at the table had seen me knit/crochet at the table before. I started working and they were staring hard. I admit, that's not easy for me because I am not the best knitter so it was kinda weird having them stare at me. Some questions, primarily from the pointer, included:

1. Where does yarn come from?
2. What is the clear tube that looks like an IV line? (circular needles - see picture)
3. What do you do when you get to the end?
4. That's all just one big piece of yarn?

It was funny once I got over the awkwardness of it all. One of my friends (female IT person) asked when I was gonna do the brown bag on knitting (brown bag = training session).

There was one question though brought up by "the pointer" that actually is pretty interesting and is something I'll write about more in another post. It was a bit thought provoking on both our parts - interesting though...

(how's that for a teaser! you must now subscribe and watch for more in the saga of the lunch room knit questions *laughing* just kidding)

Truly, thank you for reading all my rambles and stuff. It's nice to know that there is a community of fiber artists out there that enjoy the craft and sharing information and stories as much as I do.
~ Cris


Tink said...

I was discouraged from crocheting in my lunch break at work when the MD walked into the kitchen and started making comments about it being something only old women did. I'd much rather get the sort of questions/interest you've attracted!

florencefrazier2002 said...

LOL  Sounds very interesting!  The teasing is no fair!  You had me hooked and then continued.  I'll be waiting for future posts.  As an aside, I get asked questions about what I'm making etc all the time.  They like to watch me doing it and then really like to see the items when they are finished.

Cris said...

I will be writing the intriguing post in a couple days :) I think they wanted to see it done too LOL but with me and knitting, it just doesn't happen that fast :P

I have gotten a few comments about it being a hobby for older women too - but like you, I just ignore them. As for the pres of operations - who cares what you do at the front desk as long as you are getting all the work done. I'd do it at my desk too if I could - shame I have to use my hands for typing though .... lots and lots of typing LOL (I'd rather be knitting or crocheting!)

Cris said...

That stinks, Tink :( I will say I've gotten a few of those comments, albeit not at work. It is that awkward for the other person moment though - I just ignore it. Usually a small comment back depending on who it is (good personal relationship = well, why aren't you crocheting them? or someone I may not know that great "it's a relaxing hobby - very stress relieving" )

I hope you give it a whirl again. Perhaps if you find someone else where you work that crochets, you can have a little lunch group once a week :)

vikki hooks said...

My nephew is some kind of something for this big company..kind of a "big Whig" anyway.. his company offered different kinds of "stress reliever classes/time".   To make a long story short..he took a seminar for a week on knitting..  I think it is awesome that some men are ok enought to pick up needles or a teach them..

Andrea Morrison said...

I know what you mean.  I get most of my knitting done at lunch and it is a constant fiber arts lesson depending on who walks in the lunch room.  I'm all about educating...even my fellow nerds, so rock on!

Kat said...

I used to bring my crochet to work but it got to be that it got harder to work on stuff and I'd bring it only to take it back home for nothing so I stopped bringing it to work.

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