Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Camera Lovin'

Yay! I found my Flip Camera and my other digital video camera. I was starting to get worried!

But the man and I went on a mission on Sunday looking for it and found it, buried in a box in the garage. (Remember, we moved a couple months ago). We still have about 15 boxes to get through and I have to have a yard sale to get rid of the rest.

So - I know a reader asked for me to do a video on the shell stitch, which I will do this week. Are there any other videos you'd like to see? I think I'm going to do a couple other videos with some Halloween patterns I designed - should be fun!

Just leave a comment with whatever you'd like to see (or any comment for that matter, I love hearing from folks!)


Lisa Mills said...

I'm glad you found them! 

Aren't you supposed to get rid of all your stuff at a garage sale BEFORE you move??? LOL

john.watson60 said...

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florencefrazier2002 said...

Glad you found your cameras!

Caz said...

Ah I just moved too....my life is in boxes :-P so glad you found your camera though!!

Cris said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to get some crochet vids up this week

Cris said...

Me too! I was getting to the point of thinking I was actually going to have to buy another. That's an expensive loss, as far as I'm concerned - saved me some money in finding them :)

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