Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lesson's Learned - not just for IT anymore

Take 2
I work in IT - information technology for folks not 'in the know' hehehe After a large project is implemented or a very rough release, everyone on the project will sit down and go through a Lesson's Learned meeting. For some this is a breeze, and for others it can be a little more time intensive. What this does is allows the group to identify what went wrong, what could be improved, and know what was done that was right. Once identified, we look for process improvements and implement those for the next big project or software release.

It sounds blah because it is - but you have to be willing to be critical of yourself and not take it personally. You have to be able to look at the finished product and all the effort it took to get there and know what was good and what was not.

And yes - I have found this to be applicable to many areas of my life, both personally and professionally.... including my crochet.

Last month I finished a hat for a co-worker. You may remember it as the Illini Stocking Cap. I was relatively happy with the results; however, there were definitely some elements that I did not like. When working up your own pattern this will happen. After giving him the hat, I couldn't help but keeping thinking "what could I have done to make _____ look better" - and one morning, it finally came to me.

Granted, I was going to re-do the hat anyway, but I was lucky enough that he came to me a few days later saying he did not want to seem ungrateful, but he was a little worried the hat may be a little too big. I was so excited that he was giving me an opportunity to correct the flaws that I saw. Obviously, they were not big flaws. He probably didn't even notice. But, I have a feeling that with the hat re-created, it will make those tiny flaws stand out. That's ok though - no one is perfect and it was a first go at a made up pattern.

I truly wish I had taken a few more detailed pictures of the first hat to allow you to compare them visually here.

Back to topic - I have found that lesson's learned are invaluable to my crochet. I may have been crocheting for a rather long time, but this does not mean I am invincible to mistake or being able to better myself or my skill.

I think that is my lesson of the day. I do not remember when I was having problems with tension - I am sure that I did. I am sure that I struggled with reading those first few patterns. I know I had to split yarn and pull up bubbles with every stitch.... Just because I don't remember them does not mean they did not exist.

The truth is - those days exist for anyone who is attempting to learn a new skill. For anyone, the beginner or the expert, do not lose sight that you can always learn something new - you can learn something in the most unexpected of places, and if you allow yourself to see your work as something not personal, you can also learn something new from yourself. And most importantly, we shouldn't be embarrassed to share those observations with others - knowing others struggle with certain elements or techniques only allows someone else to know their struggles and frustrations are perfectly normal and can be worked through with enough patience, practice, and time.

God bless and happy hooking
- Cris


CrochetBlogger said...

Very insightful post. I think it's great to think over the lessons learned from each project that you complete in any area of life! A crochet or craft journal is good for that.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice post :-) I'm trying to learn to crochet and I get very frustrated...I'm a kniotter and find myself getting confused ALOT!! I hope I can learn to crochet one day!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the comments :) No worries, littlered - you will learn to crochet. Think back to your "learning to knit" days and remember how it wasn't so easy for you then. Crochet will soon be just like that!

littleredcraftingcorner said...

That was a nice post :-) I'm trying to learn to crochet and I get very frustrated...I'm a kniotter and find myself getting confused ALOT!! I hope I can learn to crochet one day!!

Hetal said...

Gorgeous hat -- I'll be stalking your Etsy now in hopes that you put this one (well, another one like it) on sale sometime soon! :-)

Cris said...

Ah - perhaps I'll have to accommodate!

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