Sunday, October 05, 2014

Year of Projects 2014


Pivotal shows that 1 of 6 items are complete and one... finished this passed week - go me!

*self high five... ya know, if that is a thing*

I could probably have been much more productive if I didn't spend a lot of time knitting off the list. Oops? But truly - who is really surprised here?

I did end up finishing one pair of socks. Last week I had reported I finished sock 1 and started sock 2. Sock
2 didn't take any time at all - mostly because the yarn I was using was a little thicker than I normally use so I ended up whipping through those with size 4 DPNs.

These will be a Christmas present. Right now they are the root of a scandalous lie! You see - the person wearing the socks in the picture is actually the person that is going to get them for Christmas. I told him they were for his dad - and then when we are all together, I said they were for my step dad.

Oh the lies!

These socks were the only YOP2014 list item I worked on this week. I spent one day working on a school spirit hat that ended in an epic fair isle fail, which I blogged about (here, if you are interested).

I also ended up knitting up a tiny little bag. I had started writing the pattern with a specific purpose in mind, but I don't think the little bag will work - but its a cute little bag ... and it felt good to be writing a pattern again. I will most likely put the pattern up here for free either today or early next week. I think it would serve great purpose as maybe a tooth fairy bag, a barbie accessory, or ... I dunno. Something that requires a very small bag.

YOP2014 List
- Socks - done
- Socks
- Socks
- Spats for my daughter
- Illusion Knit - no progress this week
- Lapghan #2 - no progress this week

Visit the "Year of Projects" group on Ravelry if you want to read more about others who are tracking their work or if you want to join in the fun.


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